Bloom Energy: CSR & Sustainability News

Bloom energy is an energy supplier founded in 2001 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Bloom Energy fuel cell

Ikea Demonstrates That, Dirty or Not, Fuel Cells are Coming

Ikea hooked up with Bloom Energy to become the latest high-profile global company to adopt fuel cells for clean, renewable on-site energy generation.
Eggo FiberPlus

Kellogg’s Eggos Now Cooked with Sustainable Waffle Irons

The Eggo waffles being made in Kellogg Company’s bakery in San Jose, California are being more sustainably produced.
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Bloom Energy Caught Underpaying Mexican Workers – in Pesos

Sunnyvale-based Bloom Energy was fined by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division for underpaying 14 Mexican nationals.
AT&T buys Bloom Energy fuel cells

AT&T Takes Control of its “Energy Destiny” with Bloom Energy Fuel Cells

AT&T just announced that it is expanding its use of fuel cells to power 28 data centers and other facilities in California and…
bloom energy supplies fuel cells for ebay data center

eBay Bets on Bloom Energy for Green Data Center

eBay will use biogas to power new Bloom Energy server fuel cells for its green data center in Utah.
FuelCell Eenergy

FuelCell Energy Provides Clean Power and Efficiency in Various Forms

The real story here is that fuel cell technology, which was once considered the panacea for all of our energy problems, especially in…

Bloom Energy to Double Manufacturing Capacity for Fuel Cells

After quadrupling the size of its Sunnyvale plant last year, Bloom Energy has now broken ground on a 210,000 sq ft. facility in…

Was the Hype Around Bloom Energy Two Years Ago Justified?

About two years ago Bloom Energy revealed its top secret “Bloom Box” fuel cell system and immediately created an incredible buzz around it.…
FC-R&D introduces low cost fuel cell for homes, ZEEP24

Solar-Powered Fuel Cells Put Low Cost Clean Energy within Reach

Bloom Energy has been steadily racking up corporate clients for its industrial sized, emission-free fuel cells, and now it looks like small businesses…

Bloom Energy Offers 10 Year Electricity Contracts With No Upfront Costs

Just when you wondered what happened to them, Bloom Energy is offering companies a 10-year electricity contract for its Bloom Box fuel cells…

Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box Public Relations Coup d’Etat

Bloom Energy’s remarkable fuel cell energy server, the so called “Bloom Box“, has garnered more interest than almost anything else we’ve written about…

Bloom Energy Finally Comes Clean in Packed Press Briefing

In a standing-room-only press conference today, held at eBay headquarters in San Jose, Bloom Energy publicly launched its Bloom Energy Server, following eight…

Is Bloom Energy’s Fuel Cell Miracle For Real?

UPDATE 3: click here to read our thoughts on the hype – even if Bloom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, they’ve…