Your Guide to Paper and Sustainability

When it comes to paper and sustainability, popular and abundant misconceptions can fill volumes. Given the overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation) in popular media regarding paper, it can be difficult for business decision-makers to determine how to best embrace sustainability in a meaningful way, without an adverse impact on business results.
That’s why Boise created CHOICES – a comprehensive sustainability initiative designed to educate, initiate conversation and offer answers to a variety of sustainability questions. Instead of touting specific products or passing judgment on others, Boise is committed to a neutral, fact-based approach to the topic.
As the name implies, Boise believes that if given all of the facts, paper decision-makers and end-users are equipped to decide independently how best to incorporate sustainability best practices in their own operations.
A few of the CHOICES resources available online include:
  • Articles and case studies about the best sustainability practices
  • Blog posts and discussions about paper within the office environment, including tips on
  • working more responsibly
  • Multimedia resources that illustrate sustainability practices in action
  • Presentations from experts
  • A resource room with background information about paper, sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • Facts and statistics about the importance of paper in our daily lives
Join the conversation today and share your thoughts at We encourage you to check back with TriplePundit frequently to read an ongoing series of articles about the sustainable lifecycle of paper.

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Office Conservation: Don’t Be A “Throwback”

Office Throwback

Office waste and the absence of a recycling program is a throwback to the Mad Men era of workplace etiquette. It’s the efforts and attitudes of individual paper users who can help champion a monumental shift in the way Americans think about trash, recycling and sustainability.

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Office Paper: When In Doubt, Don’t “Toss It Out”

Don't Toss It Out

Recycling “correctly” has gotten more difficult than ever. Here’s a guide to the most common types of paper product found in office environments and what happens to them after you stick them in the blue bin.

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The Purposeful Office


The dream of a “paperless office” has given way to a “purposeful office” – an environment that embraces the responsible, sustainable selection, use, recovery and recycling of paper. Help your office work smarter and more efficiently by minimizing environmental impact and keeping paper out of landfills.

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“Greening” Your Office Paper


Paper selection can have a big impact on efficiency, waste and contributing to sustainability goals. We’ve compiled some tips for making better paper choices.

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Seals of Approval: Paper Certification Systems


Sustainable forestry practices are at the heart of the North American paper and pulp industry. Thanks to an ever-growing variety of consumer resources, it’s becoming easier to find responsibly sourced office paper you can feel good about purchasing.

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Work Smarter: Your Guide to Paper and Sustainability


With consumers’ growing awareness of sustainability issues, manufacturers have sharpened their focus on delivering products and services that deliver social, economic and environmental sustainability value. But it might surprise you to know that these values have been a part of the paper industry for decades.

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