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Office Throwback

Office Conservation: Don’t Be A “Throwback”

Office waste and the absence of a recycling program is a throwback to the Mad Men era of workplace etiquette. It’s the efforts…
Don't Toss It Out

Office Paper: When In Doubt, Don’t “Toss It Out”

Recycling "correctly" has gotten more difficult than ever. Here's a guide to the most common types of paper product found in office environments…

The Purposeful Office

The dream of a “paperless office” has given way to a “purposeful office” – an environment that embraces the responsible, sustainable selection, use,…

“Greening” Your Office Paper

Paper selection can have a big impact on efficiency, waste and contributing to sustainability goals. We’ve compiled some tips for making better paper…

Seals of Approval: Paper Certification Systems

Sustainable forestry practices are at the heart of the North American paper and pulp industry. Thanks to an ever-growing variety of consumer resources,…

Work Smarter: Your Guide to Paper and Sustainability

With consumers’ growing awareness of sustainability issues, manufacturers have sharpened their focus on delivering products and services that deliver social, economic and environmental…
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