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Retailers Cite Low Wages as Major Threat to Business

The horrible irony is that many of these retailers, acknowledging that stagnant incomes hurt their sales, are part of their own problem. They…

4 Lessons from Burger King’s Decision to Stop Serving Low-Calorie Fries

There’s more to this story than just calorie, fat and sodium accounting. Here are four lessons we can learn from last week’s news.
Long John Silvers

Long John Silver’s Hoists Jolly Roger for Sustainable Seafood

A new set of ads from Long John Silver's raise the Jolly Roger in honor of sustainable food and more environmentally sound eating,…
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Cutting Calories is Good for Business

The Hudson Institute published a new study that makes the business case for offering low-calorie foods and beverages in restaurant chains. It shows…
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Burger King Switches to Cage Free Pork and Eggs

Yesterday Burger King announced that its restaurants would transition to cage-free pork and eggs by 2017. Watch for other fast food companies to…

Big Three Fast-Food Companies Say NO to Pink Slime

Food Safety Network recently reported that fast-food giants McDonald's, Taco Bell and Burger King are no longer going to be using ammoniated beef…

Top 10 Cause Marketing and Corporate Responsibility Trends of 2011

At Cone Communications, we spend the entire year tracking cause marketing and corporate responsibility (CR), and between shark fin soap and $3,500 sneakers…

Burger King Drops Greasy Palm Oil Supplier

Last week, Burger King announced that it would no longer buy palm oil from the Indonesian conglomerate Sinar Mas after learning that one…
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