Capital Markets 2012

On this page you’ll find a collection of open letters written by students at the Presidio Graduate School to CEOs, politicians, and other people of note concerning policy ideas pertinent to capital markets.


An Open Letter to the Chicago Transit Authority

The CTA is in need of improvements to reduce crowding, renovate dilapidated stations, make stations handicapped assessable, and eliminate slow zones. Funding these…

Open Letter to CA State Senator Lois Wolk on Energy Efficiency Program Access

Our research shows that the greatest impact to help California get 33% energy from renewable sources is a significant reduction in energy consumption…
Increased opportunities for local small businesses

Open Letter to Bank of America

An opportunity for an innovative banking program involving small business loans that will not only help strengthen the economy and increase your customer…

An Open Letter to Walmart and Michael T. Duke on Human Capital Accounting

A letter to the CEO of Walmart requesting the consideration and integration of human-cost accounting as part of their sustainability initiatives.
LA City Hall (from

Open Letter to Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa Regarding Social Bonds for Education

We are writing to ask you to support an innovative initiative to better fund K-12 schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District…

Open Letter to Robert Menendez, Chairman of Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development

Low and modest income earners are being stretched too thin to afford a mortgage or they are simply eliminating homeownership as an option…
Corn Harvest

Open Letter to Secretary Tom Vilsack

While it seems we have created a highly efficient food and farming system in the U.S., we are actually causing more harm than…
Green Rental Network

A Solution to the Residential Energy Efficiency “Split Incentive” Problem

An open letter to CleanPowerSF requesting the adoption of a "Green Rental Network" and on-bill financing strategy to remedy the split incentive problem…

An Open Letter to Ann Amioka, California Chamber of Commerce

The Jump-start Our Business Start-ups (JOBS) Act recently received the Senate’s approval and would help small companies raise capital, if enacted. As business…

An Open Letter to Thailand’s Minister of Finance

A call for action to address the inadequate funding sources for Thailand small businesses and startups.
Indivisible wristband

Open Letter to McDonald’s and Walmart on Entrepreneurship in Low-Income Communities

A call to action for Walmart and McDonald's to support the Create Jobs for USA program and create entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs for…