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Image credit: AB InBev

Anheuser-Busch, GE Partner to Cut Water, Energy Use & Emissions in China

Multinational brewing giant AB InBev and GE are teaming up to find ways of increasing energy efficiency, conserving water and reducing CO2 emissions…

NASCAR Goes Green: A Job Well Done or a Lipstick on a Pig?

Earlier this week NASCAR announced race cars had racked up more than one million miles of driving on Sunoco Green E15 ethanol blend,…

Google Releases Details on its Carbon Footprint

Last Thursday Google released for the first time details on its carbon footprint. The figures themselves were interesting, but the fact that Google…

Hotel Chains Standardize Carbon Accounting

Everybody travels and everybody stays at hotels one time or another but travelling comes with a steep carbon as well as water footprint.…

Trade War Looms Over Airlines’ Refusal to Comply with EU Cap-And-Trade Law

In June, I wrote about whether the US was right to seek an exemption from the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)…

GRI and CDP Increase Their Services

Environmental Leader recently held a webinar, The Business Case for Sustainability Disclosure with speakers from the Carbon Development Project’s (CDP) development manager Patrick Crawford…

Op Ed: Misleading Carbon Footprint Comparisons of Virgin vs. Recycled Paper

Major virgin paper manufacturers suggest that high recycled content is not appropriate for fine printing and writing papers, based on misleading carbon footprint…
an old Coca-Cola ad in France, where CCE operates

Coca Cola Enterprises’ Facilities Reach 99.5% Recycling Rate

Coca-Cola Enterprises has seven areas of focus that determine materiality for its sustainability agenda, and has achieved progress towards its “Commitment 2020” goals…

Life Cycle Assessment of EVs Reveals Startling Results

A number of articles published this week paint a negative picture of electric cars based on a British study published earlier this month.…
A Target Store in Miami, FL

Target Announces Corporate Responsibility Goals

Target announced its corporate responsibility scorecard, with a focus on the environment, education, healthy living, and community work.

Why Bankruptcy is Not Such a Bad Idea for USPS

Bloomberg Businessweek reported last week that USPS is on the verge of bankruptcy. There are many reasons for that, but one thing I…

Calculating Your Travel Carbon Footprint is Priceless Thanks to MasterCard

The sustainability consultancy Brighter Planet has partnered with MasterCard to provide a carbon accounting solution. Last week at the Ceres Conference in Oakland,…

Are Reusable “Paper” Towels the Next Eco-Conundrum?

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here.…

Pencils Give New Life to Old Fridges – Good Idea?

Next time you sharpen a pencil, consider whether those shavings came from a sustainable source. French manufacturer BIC has considered this, and they…

New Analysis on the Carbon Impact of Electric Cars: Still Better than Gas

A new study released this month by Ecometrica, comprehensively extrapolates the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of cars powered by either gasoline, diesel, or…
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