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  • Elvia Almachi, 32, holds a bundle of recently harvested Fair Trade-certified roses. Elvia has been working at Agrogana for 12 years, and has been part of the Fair Trade committee. She has two daughters, 9 and 12. Elvia and her husband Luis Alberto Villegas, also an Agrogana employee, both participate in the weekend adult school program paid by the Fair Trade Premium.
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Why California Should Adopt a Global Warming Gas Emission Fee

By: David A. Bainbridge Failed states are growing in number–Somalia, the Congo, Afghanistan, Iceland, Greece, Ireland, and California? If California can’t eliminate its…

How Manufacturers Design for Environmental Compliance

This post is a guest contribution to share some interesting research on product compliance and sustainability with a special invitation for Triple Pundit…

A Postcard from Cancun: The COP16 Update

The odds that the COP16 talks in Cancun this week will produce much in the way of meaningful international agreement aren’t very high.…

Why My New Years Resolution is to Cut Back on Carbon

By: Chris Boeckx Several months ago, I found myself standing at the super market surrounded by, of all things, an aisle of Christmas…

Fiji Water Threatens to Pull Out of Fiji

If Fiji Water pulled out of Fiji, wouldn’t that make it just Water? Would people care? Or is it just the square bottle…

Eliminating Fossil Fuel Subsidies Trumps Cap and Trade

This past Sunday morning, I spoke at a charity brunch in Virginia. The brunch was actually part of a benefit to raise money…

CDP Pushes Cities to Disclose Their Climate Impact

CDP points out that the world’s population is becoming even more and more urban. Cities only occupy about 2% of the world’s land,…

More Executive Pay Tied to Sustainability Performance

As Michael Meehan explained last week, sustainability has moved out of the token CSR office, into the C-suite and in the halls of…

Prop 23: The Whole World Watches as Narrow Interests and the Planet Collide in California

With the election of 2010 imminent, all eyes that are looking hopefully in the direction of a sustainable future are turned towards California,…

Carbon Reduction Beyond Cap and Trade or the Carbon Tax

With all the commotion over the up coming November mid-term elections, the recent death of cap-and-trade has been quietly dismissed.The American Clean Energy…

To Say California’s AB32 Kills Jobs Is ‘Bunk!’

Ed Note: We’re reposting Bill Roth’s earlier interview with Marin Energy Anuthority Chair Charles McGlashan because of it’s relevance to the ongling ballot…

Proposition 23 Will Cost Californians Billions

California’s Proposition 23 is financed by out-of-state companies, including two Texas oil companies (Valero Energy Corp. and Tesoro Corp.). A post last week…

Revisting the Fiji Water Question With

Three years ago, Pablo Paster wrote a post on 3p which attempted to quantify the various environmental impacts embodied in a bottle of…

Clean Energy Investors, Google Fight Prop. 23

Oil companies on one side, venture capital on the other. Big money has entered California's battle over AB 32.

Warning: Planetary Eco-Checkbook Bounced Over Weekend

The folks at Global Footprint Network have determined that August 21st was this year's Earth Overshoot Day. That is the point in the…