Carbon Sequestration

The Quest plant will sequester

Shell Inaugurates $1B Carbon Capture Project in Alberta’s Oil Sands

Located about 18 miles northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Shell's new carbon capture and storage (CCS) project will capture about a third of…

Carbon Pricing Spurs Economic Development in Oregon

The Oregon case shows that, rather than hurting the economy, carbon pricing can fund the economic development in rural America and combat climate…
cover crop no till organics

Regenerative Organic Farming Can Sequester Vast Amounts of Carbon

More than 100 percent of current annual carbon emissions could be sequestered by switching to regenerative organic agriculture, according to a new report…
Barrett Foundation Business Concept Challenge

Win $75,000 for a Market-Based Solution to the National Forests’ Challenges

Can the principles of the free market solve some of the most pressing challenges facing our national forests? The National Forest Foundation (NFF)…
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Davos Update: SAP Investing $6.6M in Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Today, SAP made two announcements covering how the company will encourage both entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Video Interview: How Can We Sequester Carbon while Growing More Food?

there is a way to both sequester carbon and grow more food in one fell swoop: composting. Soil is one of the biggest…

In the Face of Regulatory Uncertainty, “Clean Coal” Teeters as Solar, Wind Carry On

This seems to be “clean coal” week on my beat.  “Clean coal” appears to be teetering on a knife edge between success and…

EPA Drops Water Protection to Encourage Clean Coal

In another stunning reversal, our American government appears to have taken another step away from its sworn duty to protect the American people…
GreenFire startup works with U.S. DOE to develop new geothermal technology

GreenFire Lights a Spark Under U.S. Geothermal Industry

It’s difficult to think of a way to improve on geothermal energy. Geothermal is clean, renewable, accessible and abundant, especially in the U.S.,…

Is Green Investment Finally on the Brink of Breaking Out?

Will the U.S. Catch Up with the Rest of the World? Hugh Wheelan of Responsible Investor conducted a great interview of Kevin Parker,…

Eliminating Fossil Fuel Subsidies Trumps Cap and Trade

This past Sunday morning, I spoke at a charity brunch in Virginia. The brunch was actually part of a benefit to raise money…

New UK Prime Minister Sets Example for Obama on Climate Change

UK’s new Prime Minister David Cameron is taking bold steps to combat climate change, setting an example for the Obama administration and other…

Conservation Financing: Swapping Debt for Carbon?

One of the profound indicators of environmental degradation is the rate at which forests are being lost around the world, particularly in tropical…

850 Utilities Offer Green Energy: Price Parity Approaches

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently released a study that found 850 utilities across the United States now offer some form of…

COP15 Begins: Here Are the Solutions We Need Now

Today marks the start of UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, or COP15 as it’s widely known. A culmination of years of planning,…
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