carbon trading

Any trading system designed to offset carbon emissions from one activity (such as burning fossil fuels in manufacturing, driving, or flying) with another (such as installing more efficient technologies, planting carbon-reducing plants, or establishing contracts with others not to partake in carbon-releasing activities). The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is the first and biggest carbon trading market in existence and is modeled on a stock market. Other programs, such as also allow carbon trading for individuals without interfacing directly with the CCX or other trading systems.

When activities that reduce or capture carbon are paired successfully with those that produce it, these are said to be carbon neutral or climate neutral.

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World Bank Announces New Carbon Pricing Initiative

On Tuesday morning the World Bank, along with governments and business leaders, announced a new global initiative: the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.

Carbon Pricing: Putting a Cost on the Environmental Instigators of Climate Change

We speak with Joe Madden, CEO and co-founder of EOS Climate, about the complex process of carbon pricing, and why some believe that…

The Good News About Higher California Carbon Prices

California carbon prices keep rising, but for once higher prices are a good thing.
Wind power

How to Genuinely Offset Your Emissions

Carbon offsets can effectively reduce our environmental impact or that of our companies. But to do this, offsets must be carefully selected and…

Lawmakers Act to Raise European Carbon Price

An approval of the EU Parliament to temporarily reduce supply in the EU carbon market marks a turning point for the scheme. Lawmakers…
Pacific Coast Action Plan

Pacific Coast Leaders Sign Historic Climate Action Plan

The leaders of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia gathered on Monday to sign a historic climate action plan.
Carbon price drop

A Paradigm Shift in EU Climate Policy

A rejection by the European Parliament to reduce supply in the European emissions trading system means European carbon prices will remain low in…
VSO Tanzania 2012

New Carbon Credit System Considers Women’s Well-Being

The advocacy organization, Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (WOCAN) has come up with a new way to inspire…
PC CCA prices Jan 2013

California Turns Its Carbon Market Dream into Reality

That’s it, it started, for real! Carbon allowances are now available for sale in California. Things are moving fast right now, so here’s…
Cockenzie Power Station

Global Carbon Trading Takes a Big Step Forward

It has often been pointed out that our modern world could quickly become cleaner, safer, and more sustainable if only externalities, such as…
TCCX banner

Texas Climate & Carbon Exchange Opens for Global Trading

I know, this almost sounds like a punch line to a bad joke, or perhaps an oxymoron. Many people tend to think of…

What Secrets Are Hiding Off Your Balance Sheet?

What is your company’s most important asset? Most of you will say “people.” Many CEOs say this as well. However, where are people…
Air China

China Bans its Airlines from Participating in the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme

Over several months, many governments and airlines around the world have opposed the European Emissions Trading scheme forcing airlines to buy carbon allowances,…

European Court Opinion: U.S. Airlines Must Buy Carbon Allowances

Europe’s highest court released an opinion on October 6th, finding that the proposed mandatory inclusion of non-European based airlines in the European Emissions…

European Airlines Add Voice to Fears Over Europe’s Cap and Trade Program

The controversial European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) – a European wide cap and trade program – has sparked an ongoing dispute between the…