carbon trading

Any trading system designed to offset carbon emissions from one activity (such as burning fossil fuels in manufacturing, driving, or flying) with another (such as installing more efficient technologies, planting carbon-reducing plants, or establishing contracts with others not to partake in carbon-releasing activities). The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is the first and biggest carbon trading market in existence and is modeled on a stock market. Other programs, such as also allow carbon trading for individuals without interfacing directly with the CCX or other trading systems.

When activities that reduce or capture carbon are paired successfully with those that produce it, these are said to be carbon neutral or climate neutral.

This page contains resources & Information related to Carbon Trading, Carbon offsets, Cap and Trade, Carbon exchange markets, emissions credits, Emissions Trading and more.

Carbon Footprint

Is the US Right To Seek Airline Exemption From European Carbon Law?

Business Green reports that US Airlines, American Airlines, Continental and United, along with their trade association, the Air Transport Association (ATA), will file…

American Security Project: How Much Will Climate Change Cost Your State?

The American Security Project ASP, a non-profit, bipartisan public policy and research organization, has recently issued a series of 50 reports entitled Pay…

Rough Seas for Shipping Industry Emissions Agreement

Depending on how it’s spun, recent shipping industry meetings on controlling greenhouse gas emissions through market-based trading schemes either made “steady progress” or…

The First Cap and Trade for Carbon Emissions (Almost)

The following is part of a series by our friends at CSRHub (a 3p sponsor) – offering free sustainability and corporate social responsibility…

Wanted – Both Dead and Alive: Cap and Trade

This piece is inspired by the Navigating the American Carbon World 2011 Conference, in Los Angeles, CA. Cap and trade is both dead…
Wall Street and Lower Manhattan, at night as seen from Brooklyn

Ceres: SEC Climate Change Disclosures Need More Work

Recently Ceres concluded that while large companies that register with the SEC have overall improved their climate change risk disclosures in recent years,…

Walmart, China & Arnold Leading Obama in Shift to Low Carbon Future

By Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CO2 IMPACT As an American living in Canada I have been watching U.S. policy on clean energy from across…

Chicago Climate Exchange to Cease Operations

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the U.S.’s only emissions credit exchange, will close shop by year’s end, citing a lack of legislative interest.…

ODS Projects Enter the Carbon Market: A Near-Term Solution to Climate Change

By Jill Abelson & Joe Madden Last October, on the eve of the Copenhagen talks, Richard Levangie pointed out that climate change isn’t…

Pricing Emissions: Political Will Needed

Paul Krugman, the 2008 Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times op-ed columnist, offers this riposte to those that say addressing climate change…

Can Cap and Dividend Save Cap and Trade?

There is no doubt that “cap-and-trade” has joined “liberal” on the list of terms conservatives have effectively tar-and-feathered. It’s also clear that a…

Carbon Trading: A Market Treehuggers and Investment Bankers Can All Call Home

The population of people who cared about the carbon markets in their infancy were mostly passionate about finding a solution to climate change,…

What Doesn’t Kill You: Cap-and-Trade Endures

Like global warming, cap-and-trade isn’t going away. The trading system in place in Europe has managed to survive a series of scandals in…

The International Case for Carbon and the Economy

By Henry Derwent, President and CEO, IETA As Congress shifts its attention from health care to energy and climate change, the discussion will…

Can the US Learn from India’s Climate Change Policy?

India’s Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation: Carbon Trading and Beyond By Swapan Mehra 2010 could well end up being a landmark year for…
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