Green Spaces party

Marissa Feinberg Reflects on 5 Years at Green Spaces

An interview with Marissa Fienberg, co-founder of Green Spaces, one of New York City’s 20-plus coworking spaces that celebrated its fifth anniversary last… CEO Markus Bernikel

European Ride-Sharing Services Struggle to Hitch Up With Public Transportation

European ride-sharing services have expanded much more rapidly than in the United States. Markus Barnikel says "multi-modal" transport, or linking carpools with buses,…
shopper in china

2012: Four Trends in Sustainable Consumption

Was 2012 a good year in terms of sustainable consumption, where people purchased more green products while adopting alternative and more sustainable practices,…
good eggs

Will Good Eggs Become the Airbnb of Local Food?

Good Eggs, a San Francisco-based startup aiming “to bring people and food closer together,” launched a pilot this week. It provides local farmers…

Interview: CEO of on Partnership with Daimler

Last week Daimler made another step to deepen its involvement in the access economy by partnering and investing an undisclosed sum in the…