CCA 2012

dMBA Articles 2012 - "Giving Voice to Change"

These articles were created as part of the course work for “Live Exchange“, the foundational communications course for the MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts.

CCA’s DMBA communications course for Fall 2012 authored this series of articles exploring the intersection of sustainability and design. This micro-blog gives voice to a broad range of ideas, topics and thoughts from future thinking DMBA students. This is our fifth year collaborating with Triple Pundit.

With great thanks to Nick Aster for his mentorship and for hosting this space!

-Margaret, Marion & Tommy
Margaret Hartwell, Marion Moreno & Tommy Moreno
Adjunct Professors, MBA Design Strategy Program
CCA, San Francisco

bike sharing

Instead of Sharing Economy, Let’s Call It “Resource Efficiency”

The "sharing economy" moniker is not entirely accurate. Sharing does not normally involve the exchange of cash.
Chronicle, Michael Macor

Archiopathy: Buildings Disregarding Other Buildings

Most of us know what a sociopath is. Maybe you’ve even met one. In psychology a sociopath is someone who disregards the rights…

Compostmodern13: Focusing on Resilience

Interview with Sarah Brooks who is the Executive Producer of Compostmodern13 in San Francisco.
Creating Shared Value

Corporate Shared Value: The New Competitive Advantage

Shared value is all about rethinking the effects that charitable dollars can create and how to achieve more with money than just its…
Open MAKE: Tools

The Maker Movement Lowers Consumption and Waste

The Maker Movement is leading people to create and consumer less goods and keep the ones they make longer. Will this also make…

The Trouble with “Gaywashing”

The queer community is a growing demographic of consumers. But, how do progressive businesses avoid gaywashing and alienating the very community they hope…
Universal network of life... By [O*] 'BharaT

Social Reconfiguration: Can We Do More With Less?

Social entrepreneurs working independently is inefficient. Networks are critical for social entrepreneurs to scale their impact. Civil society needs to think about how…

The Sustainable Workplace: Training Your Successor

Training your successor will increase the productivity, skill and innovation of your workforce, allow you to better retain top talent, and give you…

Do PSAs Change Behavior?

While research may question the correlation between Public Service Advertisements (PSAs) and behavior change, organizations seem undeterred in their commitments to leverage the…

Designing a More Sustainable & Green Business by Looking at Immigrant Culture

There has been a lot of heated discussion around the topic of immigration and in particular their impact on American resources. Looking at…
triple pundit

The Motivation Behind Buying and Gifting

Gift-giving can play an important role in our society, specially during Christmas. The purchasing process can be a negative experience for the person…
rebooting govt wordle

Rebooting Government: Modernizing Information and Communication Technology Policy

There is huge opportunity to innovate and disrupt the current government IT services industry. Until recently, government hasn’t been getting the clue from…
An American family dependent on at least one government anti-poverty subsidy.

Quit Being So Naïve, Government Subsidies Won’t Eradicate Poverty

Traditional definitions of poverty suggest an individual or family is lacking the proper food, shelter, and clothing to survive. However, according to scholar…
Photo Credit: Elliott Woods

Swiss Recycling Efficiency in Egyptian Slums

What if I told you that the renowned Swiss efficiency was being far outpaced by the efforts of a few small business owners…
forever 21

Could Forever 21 Do Clothing Take-Backs?

Imagine a world where Forever 21 and other purveyors of fast fashion took recourse to keep your old clothes and shoes in circulation…