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For our class project here at TriplePundit students write a 500 word post on sustainability related to the above.

Too often professional dilemma’s are simply dilemma’s of communication. In a time when we are all being called to identify missing conversations, bridge professional turfs or speak for those without recourse to human speech these student writings lean into “business as usual” blending the poetic with the professional and surfacing “we are in this together” thinking.

This is our fourth year collaborating with Triple pundit. Enjoy these articles by our future thinking DMBA students.

With appreciations to Nick Aster for his inspiring invitation.

— Elle

Linda Yaven,
Associate Professor, “Live Exchange”
MBA Design Strategy Program
CCA, San Francisco

iEmployee: Motivate Employees and Avoid a Robot Uprising

Break traditional concepts of "human capital" and achieve business success via employee motivation. And how not to motivate employees based on surprising psychological…

Team Building Lessons from Rock Music

Thinking about the links between music and innovation. Can we use this information to change how business teams work? The power of music…

The Power of a Population

As we seek to discover new methods of generating and harnessing energy, there is one source that is worth discussing: the human body.

Crafts and Design Can Cross-Pollinate to Create Better Opportunities for Craftsmen

In October 2008, 8 weavers committed suicide in Sircilla, a small town in the state of Andhra Pradesh (India). This was preceded by…

Using Art to Inspire and Engage Communities

This is a story about transformation of a community through art.

Questioning if a Company Really is “Sustainable”

Sustainability has become a trend for the companies and today every good product should meet ecological, economic and social standards. Consumers are paying…

Why Healthcare Team Communication is a Matter of Life and Death

The average US hospital loses $4,000,000 a year specifically as a result of communication inefficiencies, some of which contribute to 200,000 patient deaths…

Greenwashing Labor Injustices in Dubai

Construction projects should not be considered Green or sustainable unless they have applied equal consideration to all resources used. In Dubai, the labor…

WEconomy: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

Have you ever shared a car ride, lent someone a book, made a mix tape, or traded clothing? Then you’re part of the…

Small Changes are Good, but Today’s Issues Require Big Shifts

As good eco-citizens, many of us feel the responsibility of `investing in what we believe in´ each time we reach for our pocketbooks.…
Malaysian Jungle Nymph.  Photo by University of Chicago News Office, courtesy Entom Foods.

Bug Bites: Insects Might Be the Protein of Tomorrow

A strong case can be made for grubbing on bugs, but in the United States and Europe there’s a prevalent cultural bias against…
Fried farm egg.

Would You Like an Egg With That?

A farm fresh fried egg is a beautiful thing. Featured on Neapolitan thin-crust pizzas, juicy high-stacked burgers, and now, here before me, this…

Dublin Bikes: Bike Sharing That Works

The following post is part of the course work for “Live Exchange” the foundational course on communication for The MBA Design Strategy Program…
conflict gives you access to what's next in your communication

5 Tips for Sustainable Communication

As a former English major, now working towards an MBA in Design Strategy at CCA, I've discovered that one's skill in written and…

Why Gamblers Could be Great Advocates for Sustainability

As a student in CCA’s MBA in Design Strategy program learning to apply human-centric design thinking to create sustainable innovations, I became curious…