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For our class project here at TriplePundit students write a 500 word post on sustainability related to the above.

Too often professional dilemma’s are simply dilemma’s of communication. In a time when we are all being called to identify missing conversations, bridge professional turfs or speak for those without recourse to human speech these student writings lean into “business as usual” blending the poetic with the professional and surfacing “we are in this together” thinking.

This is our fourth year collaborating with Triple pundit. Enjoy these articles by our future thinking DMBA students.

With appreciations to Nick Aster for his inspiring invitation.

— Elle

Linda Yaven,
Associate Professor, “Live Exchange”
MBA Design Strategy Program
CCA, San Francisco

Red Cross SF

How Human Future Interaction Can Help Plan for a Sustainabilty

Jason Tester of the institute for the future has pioneered a concept called Human Future Interaction (HFI) a method for experiencing the future…

Digital Fitness Games Have a Financial and Social ROI

The fitness gaming industry isn’t just measured by its lucrative economic ROI, but what we’ve discovered with 3D motion tracking is a social…

Can We Make Climate Change Sizzle?

While waiting in the train station on my way out of San Francisco International Airport I noticed a group of business-casual people arriving…

Old Is New Again: Nike’s Push Towards Sustainable Advertising

As a business owner and partner in a creative shop here in Oregon with a decade of experience in marketing and advertising in…
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Intellectual Property: When Protecting Ideas Destroys Them

More often than not, innovation and more specifically, invention, happens from a spontaneous exchange of ideas, observation and experimentation. The phenomenon how of…

How Green is Your Data?

If you printed out a gigabyte of data that would equate to 50,000 pages of printed single space text. Now imagine 34 x…

A Genuine Measure: GDP vs Genuine Progress

The Gross National Product was the official measure of production in the United States until 1991. At that point, GNP was replaced by…

Sustaining Traditions for Sustainability

Although I was born in Redwood City, California, the first eight years of my life took place in a small town 45 minutes…
Crossroads Signposts

Asking for Directions: Communication at a Crossroad

The most ordinary events in one’s journey through life can bring us to a crossroad that has the potential to greatly alter one’s…
Green Designer

Are you a Green Designer?

Eight years ago I had my first opportunity to engage as a product designer when I worked on an industrial meat grinder. My…

Creating a Shared Vision of a Positive Future

It's the year 2050 and everyone is a cyborg. We are fighting over the earth's remaining precious resources, including the last drops of…
Making Ideas Happen

Building Your Personal Business Model

I am a dreamer. I love imagining new possibilities and often find myself asking the "what-ifs?". Having spent the past 5+ years working…

Electrifying Caltrain’s Baby Bullet

It was 7:03 am, a cold morning in San Jose when the train whistle blew and there was an announcement for the 7:03…
before and after sharing alternatives

The Zeitgeist of 21st Century is Yours to Share

By Danielle Zimmerman Building upon comfort with sharing content and information online on sites like Flickr and Wikipedia we are recognizing the potential…

Let’s Talk Smart Growth

Hailing from a religiously and ethnically homogeneous suburb in the south, I’ve always viewed the relative lack of diversity in my upbringing as…