chevy volt


3 Thoughts for GM While It Halts Chevy Volt Production (Again)

August was an all time record month for the Chevy Volt. Yet, apparently the sales of the Volt are still not strong enough…
ECOtality offers free Blink EV charging stations

The EV Project Revs up with Free Blink Charging Stations

The EV Project is an ambitious public-private partnership to help build an EV charging network for the U.S. electric vehicle market, and it…
Ford introduces new C-MAX Energi plug-in electric hybrid

Ford’s New C-MAX Energi Starts a New Conversation about EVs

Ford has just introduced its C-MAX Energi plug-in electric hybrid car to U.S. consumers, and the news could shake up the electric car…
new MyCar EV factory opens in Mississippi

MyCar EV Brings Green Jobs to a Red State

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has been bucking the party line when it comes to promoting electric vehicles, and his efforts have just borne…
Rockwood expands lithium production with DOE funds

Federal Grants Help Ease Lithium Supply Bottleneck

U.S. DOE funds expansion of U.S. lithium production with grant for the Rockwood company to upgrade North Carolina and Nevada lithium operations.
ford launches public awareness campaign for electric vehicles

Ford Determined to Win Hearts and Minds with Focus EV

Ford teams with on electric vehicle and sustainability awareness campaign to support Ford Focus electric vehicle.
Navy to test wave power buoys in Hawaii

U.S. Na­­vy Looks to the Seas for Clean Energy

The U.S. Navy is ramping up its efforts to harvest energy from the ocean with a new research project slated for its Kaneohe…
coca-cola company withdraws funding from ALEC lobbying group

Coke Pulls the Plug on Anti-Climate Change ALEC Lobby

The Coca-Cola company will stop funding ALEC, likely due to ALEC's involvement in legislation promoting climate change denial and voter suppression.
ford focus

Ford Focus EV Team Takes Steps to Avoid Chevy Volt’s Pitfalls

Undoubtedly sobered by the plight of the Chevy Volt, which recently idled production for five weeks, furloughing 1300 workers in an effort to…
oil well

Energy Secretary Chu Chooses Popularity Over Sustainability

In 2008, Stephen Chu, then Director of the Berkley Lawrence National Lab, said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the…

5 Product Categories Seeking Billion-Person Markets and High Revenue Growth

In this excerpt, we examine 5 human needs – health, wealth, earth, equality and trust – that have potential to generate high growth…
Army launches test of fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii with cars from GM

Hawaii Becomes Test Lab for GM Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel cells hold great promise as an emission-free way to power cars and other vehicles, but range is the bottleneck. Without a national…

Why GM Needs to Recalibrate its Volt Strategy

Right now demand for the Volt is falling short of supply and as a result GM decided on Friday to suspend production of…

Hasbro Fights Aliens from the Deep and Climate Change, Too

Hasbro, Inc., better known to millions of board game aficionados as the force behind Battleship, has just been recognized by the U.S. Environmental…

The BMW i3: Advancing Automotive Sustainability

With its first mass produced all electric vehicle, the i3, BMW has completely redesigned the EV concept. Instead of taking a car and…