chevy volt


Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt Target Different Drivers

This piece explores the different target audiences that Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have tailored their messaging and marketing to.

Are Chevrolet’s New Carbon Offsetting Projects the Best CSR $40M Can Buy?

Chevrolet announced on Friday it is helping support 16 carbon offsetting projects across America – from biomass to wind turbines – as part of its commitment to…

The Electric Car Branding Trick Even Nissan’s LEAF is Missing

In the past ten years, environmentally friendly cars have become a fixture in advertising. First came the Prius. Then BMW claimed its electric batteries boost…
Bill Roth recharging an electric Chevy Volt

EV Charging: How Easy And How Much?

Imagine a day where you can drive by your local gas station and its ever escalating prices without having to stop to refill…

Test Drive: Mitsubishi i Electric Car and Chevy Volt

Electric cars are coming to dealers near you. The question is, should you buy one? After testing driving the Mitsubishi i Electric Car…
costco charging stations

Hundreds of EV Drivers Urge Costco to Keep Chargers

Plug In America, a very vocal, electric vehicle (“EV”) advocacy group, has issued an “action alert” to its members, after Costco Corporation announced…
GM sustainability programs expand to customer care and aftersales sites

GM Expands Landfill-Free Ambitions Beyond the Factory Gates

GM grabbed the spotlight in the sustainable vehicle field last year when its newly launched gas-electric Chevy Volt was named Motor Trend’s North…

Will Ford’s Electric Butterflies Fly?

Among the talking points we heard repeatedly last week at the Forward with Ford trends event where that the soon-to-be-released Ford Focus electric…
GM factory near Baltimore will use solar power

Baltimore GM Factory Grows with Solar Power

GM’s low emission electric-gasoline Chevy Volt has been a hit with car buyers since it launched last year with a splash of publicity…

Chevy Volt Drivers Report 1,000 Miles on a Tank of Gas

The experience of some Chevy Volt drivers is vindicating GM’s decision to market an all-electric vehicle that can also run on gasoline. At…

PlugShare App Removes EV Owner Range Anxiety & Creates Community

I don’t know about you, but for perhaps the first time ever, I want to buy a Nissan. The Leaf, of course. But…
ECO:Nomics - Creating Environmental Capital

Ford’s Flexible Strategy to Drive Toward Lower Impact

With sustainability becoming more and more of a concern with consumers, automobile manufacturers are providing solutions to meet that demand.  Likewise, there needs…

The Chevy Volt Named North American Car of the Year

Last week, Enterprise announced that it will now offer consumers the Chevy Volt by the end of January, starting in California. As if…

Enterprise to Offer Chevy Volt for Rent by Month’s End

First the Nissan Leaf, now the Chevy Volt. Enterprise has upped the ante in car rentals and will have Chevy’s much talked about alternative vehicle available…

GM Churns Gulf Oil Boom Into Chevy Volt Parts

Remember the booms that snaked across the Gulf of Mexico during the BP/Deepwater Horizon fiasco? Besides that underwater camera, blobs of petroleum washing…
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