Circular Economy


The State of Green Electronics: Where We Are Now

The electronics of tomorrow hold both great technological promise and the potential for environmental peril, says Robert Frisbee, CEO of the Green Electronics…

Cradle-to-Cradle Tackles the Fashion Industry

Launched in 2014, Fashion Positive aims to retool the entire global fashion supply chain and help create more sustainable materials, processes and products.…

The Tyranny of Distance: Reconciling Extended Producer Responsibility with Global Transportation

Whether driven by the business case, ethics or legislation, product take-back promotes the practice of recycling, lifecycle assessment and design for durable reuse…

Could 3-D Printing Bring the World Closer to the Circular Economy?

3-D printing could offer a dual solution to the world's waste problem, allowing transformation of plastic waste into new plastic products.
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Brand Owners Want Sustainable Packaging: Two Key Lessons for Environmental Leaders

Elisabeth Comere from Tetra Pak explains how the company is striving to meet corporate demand for more sustainable packaging.
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The Circular Economy is (Slowly) Coming to Europe

Can the circular economy become the norm in Europe? The European Commission recently adopted a framework to ramp up waste diversion in its…
Ecovative Design introduces mushroom surfboards

The Circular Economy Leads to…Mushroom Surfboards?

Ecovative Design, known for its high performance packaging made from the growth stage of mushrooms, has introduced the world's first Mushroom Surfboards.
Ellen MacArthur champions the circular economy

Making Sense of the Circular Economy

The circular economy, a concept developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, offers a path to economic growth and environmental sustainability in a world…
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Black Friday: What We Buy Defines Us

Seventy percent of the United States’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is based on household consumption. In comparison, household consumption in China represents only…

How Sustainable Taxation Can Create a Circular Economy

There are businesses already today which are benefitting from sustainable development strategies of ‘natural capitalism’ or the so called ‘circular economy.’ Here are…