Clean Coal

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U.K. Standards Group Calls Out Peabody Energy for Misleading ‘Clean Coal’ Claim

The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority ruled, in a case brought by the World Wildlife Fund, that Peabody Energy should not use the term…
Peabody Energy and WCA criticize Mayor Bloomberg on coal

U.S. Coal Industry Fires a Shot at Bloomberg, Misses the Point

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has advocated for shrinking the U.S. coal industry, and the coal industry has fired back with a letter in…

Coal in Decline? Blame Obama, not Reality

Murray Energy's Blaming Obama for the Decline of Coal is like a Saddle-maker Blaming Theodore Roosevelt for the Decline of Horse Transport
CCS Germany

Clean Coal Funding Stalls

According to a new report published by the Worldwatch Institute, funding for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects, otherwise known as clean coal,…

Can Shareholder Activism Spur Electric Utilities to Shift Away from Coal?

Some of the largest US electric utilities in the use are facing shareholder proxy votes calling on them to enact and report on…

Clean Coal: Pros and Cons

The people who still support coal, basically have one argument: that it’s a necessary evil, being the only source of energy within reach…
Mount Simon Sandstone formation

Ground Breaks for Large Carbon Capture and Storage Facility in Midwest

Last week a groundbreaking ceremony was held for what the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) describes as the nation’s first large scale CCS…

In the Face of Regulatory Uncertainty, “Clean Coal” Teeters as Solar, Wind Carry On

This seems to be “clean coal” week on my beat.  “Clean coal” appears to be teetering on a knife edge between success and…

EPA Drops Water Protection to Encourage Clean Coal

In another stunning reversal, our American government appears to have taken another step away from its sworn duty to protect the American people…

Cleaning up the Coal Mine Industry: Coal Mine Methane

Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Last week in this column I wrote about a real “clean coal” solution, torrefied wood.  While I truly believe…

Will the Real Clean Coal Please Stand Up?

Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Do you believe what the coal industry has spent millions on to convince Americans that the industry is cleaning…

Putting the Clean Coal Dream to Bed

If you watched Green Bay defeat the Steelers last Sunday, chances are you also caught a glimpse of the new Chevy Volt commercial……

Don’t Buy the Clean Energy Illusion

Last week, President Obama addressed the nation. He talked about jobs, energy, education, and bipartisan necessities… All in all, it was a fantastic…
coal fired plant, Oregon

Is Coal a Dead Man Walking?

There is a good chance that gasoline could hit $4, or even $5, a gallon at some point this year. The American economy…

Eliminating Fossil Fuel Subsidies Trumps Cap and Trade

This past Sunday morning, I spoke at a charity brunch in Virginia. The brunch was actually part of a benefit to raise money…
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