Clean Energy

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Pairs a Legacy Company with a Startup

Startup Nikola Motor Co. revs up legacy trucking firm Ryder's transition to a low-carbon business model, with big plans for hydrogen fuel cell…

Ambitious Student Project Targets Renewable Hydrogen For Fuel Cell EVs

Award-winning students from Washington State University are developing a low-cost, innovative hydrogen fueling station for fuel cell electric vehicles.

Oil Recovery Using Solar Energy

A Fremont, California-based solar company says it has developed sun-powered technology for use in a surprising location: oil fields.

Despite Trump’s Promise, Economics Will Hasten Coal’s Decline

As the natural gas boom continues and renewable prices fall, it's economics -- not regulation -- that nudges utilities away from coal-fired power…

Latest Hydrogen Breakthrough Trips Up Trump’s Coal Promise

Campaign promises aside, a breakthrough in renewable hydrogen research further demonstrates the futility of trying to bring coal jobs back to the U.S.

Renewable Hydrogen Now On the Circular Economy Menu

Researchers around the globe are looking into food waste as a renewable source for zero-emissions hydrogen fuel. And a new circular economy pilot…

Tesla and SolarCity Offer a Glimpse of the Future in American Samoa

The island of Ta‘u in American Samoa is running almost entirely on clean energy, thanks to SolarCity’s 1.4-megawatt solar power station and 6…

NGO Urges California to Investigate the Solar Industry

D.C.-based Campaign for Accountability is urging California Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate the state's solar power companies after mounting customer complaints.

How to Wean A State Off Oil

With its rural landscape and cold climate, Maine is among America's most oil-dependent and energy-intensive states. Sustainability professionals came together at E2Tech to…

Elon Musk Says His Solar Roof Is Cheaper Than a Normal One

In short, homeowners will be able to install Tesla's solar roof for less money than a roof made from regular materials. Does Musk's…

U.S. Energy Giant NRG Proves Why Clean Power Is Here To Stay

Leading American energy company NRG provides a good example of why the incoming Trump administration is not likely to throw the clean power…

Energy Policy Changes in a Trump Administration

Analysts for Bloomberg Intelligence, Bloomberg’s research division, examine how a Trump administration will likely affect energy policy, including factors like his campaign promises…

Hydrogen to the Rescue: U.S. Manufacturing Jobs are Already Coming Back

The Energy Department says the hydrogen economy is already creating new manufacturing jobs in the U.S. -- and could create many more.

Mike Pence Couldn’t Kill Indiana’s Green Job Boom

A new report details how jobs grew in Indiana's clean-energy and energy-efficiency fields despite pushback from its coal-friendly former governor, Mike Pence.

U.S., Canada, Mexico Make Bold Commitments to 2050 GHG Emissions Reductions

As the COP22 talks continue, the U.S., Canada and Mexico announced ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2050. Those plans were preceded earlier…