Clean Energy

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3 Signs the Hydrogen Economy is For Real

Despite Elon Musk's famous put-down of hydrogen fuel cell technology, three powerful nations are growing the market for fuel cells.

HP Pledges to Slash Emissions 25 Percent by 2025

The computer hardware giant HP plans to aggressively reduce its greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. And that's not all.

India Is Set for Solar Success in 2017

India expects to commission 7.7 gigawatts of utility-scale solar projects this year, a 90 percent increase from 2016.

India’s Air Pollution Catching Up to China as Worst on Earth

According to a recent study, India’s air is becoming the deadliest on Earth -- outpacing even China, which loses over a million people…

Bipartisan Coalition of Governors Urges Trump to Invest in Renewable Energy

The Governors Wind and Solar Energy Coalition, which includes eight Republican and 12 Democratic governors, are trying to convince President Donald Trump to…

American Wind Power Achieves a Major Milestone

A regional electricity provider just set a record for the North American wind sector, with a regional operator in America's heartland generating over…

Australian Company Raises Money from Customers to Fund Clean Energy Projects

The concept of asking utility customers to pay higher rates may sound dubious. But if a case study in Australia is any indication,…

The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax and ‘Climate Dividends’

Insisting that “on-again-off-again regulation is a poor way to protect the environment,” eight veterans of previous Republican administrations met with White House officials…

As Smog Issues Continue, Beijing Pledges to Curb Coal Consumption

Beijing's mayor says the city of 11.5 million will adopt “extra” anti-smog measures this year, including a 30 percent decrease in coal consumption.

Denmark’s Dong Energy Jumps on Coal Divestment Bandwagon

The Danish wind power giant Dong Energy, which last fiscal year generated almost $9 billion in revenues, plans to phase out coal from…

Maryland Assembly Overturns Republican Governor’s Clean Energy Veto

In Maryland, the state assembly just overturned Republican Gov. Larry Hogan's veto of a clean energy jobs act -- showing once again that…

Report: EVs and Solar Will Displace Oil and Coal By 2020

The double-whammy of falling of electric vehicle costs, plus rapidly falling solar power prices, could slow the world’s demand for both oil and…

Renewables Dominated New U.S. Power Generation in 2016

Of the over 26 gigawatts of new energy capacity added in the U.S. last year, the vast majority came from renewables, according to…

New GM-Honda Fuel Cell Mashup Sets Internet Ablaze

General Motors and Honda will collaborate to push the hydrogen economy forward with a high-volume, first-of-its-kind fuel cell manufacturing plant.

Apple to Launch a 200 Megawatt Solar Project in Nevada

Apple plans to partner with state utility NV Power to install an additional 200 megawatts of solar energy in northern Nevada.