Cleanstar Mozambique

Tackling Poverty, Health & Deforestation at a Profit

3p Editor Jen Boynton visited Mozambique with TreeHugger’s Brian Merchant to get the full story on a remarkable triple-bottom-line business model. In a nutshell, Cleanstar Mozambique will pay farmers (who are otherwise sitting idle) to grow cassava, incentivize them to grow some healthier food products while they’re at it, turn the cassava into ethanol at the nation’s first biomass plant, develop and market an-ethanol-burning stove that hits all sorts of pain points for the women of urban centers who are otherwise stuck with dirty, inefficient charcoal stoves, and ultimately profit.


Killing 6 Birds with 1 Stone: Harder Than It Sounds

CleanStar Mozambique's audacious clean cookstove plan was ultimately unsuccessful. But that doesn't mean it wasn't worth trying.

Clean Cookstoves Mean True Economic Development in Mozambique

Watch this 5 minute video case study of one of our favorite triple bottom line initiatives.
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