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Scientists Invent Hydrogen-Sucking Sponge For Fuel Cell EVs

The fuel cell EV of the future could sport a cluster of nanoscale sponges to store hydrogen more efficiently than typical compression systems.

Tesla Charges Ahead with Plans for More Gigafactories

Tesla's cryptic plans to build three new 'gigafactories' turned heads, while confounding analysts who cannot believe the company continues to grow while losing…

A 100% Clean Energy Revolution: Town-by-Town, City-by-City and State-by-State

Local efforts are now poised to drive the country to a 21st-century energy infrastructure, with or without the federal government.

New York Reaps 800 Percent Solar Growth in Five Years

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state's support of solar power resulted in an 800 percent rise in the solar sector since…

While Seeking a Better Battery, Developers Can’t Forget Safety

Today's tech-lovers want it all: smartphone batteries that last for days, electric vehicles that can cruise for hours on a single charge, and…

3 Signs the Hydrogen Economy is For Real

Despite Elon Musk's famous put-down of hydrogen fuel cell technology, three powerful nations are growing the market for fuel cells.

Norway Expands Its Role as the World’s Electric Vehicle Leader

Norway keeps breaking records when it comes to electric vehicle sales -- a trend experts say will continue. So, what's the country's secret…

American Wind Power Achieves a Major Milestone

A regional electricity provider just set a record for the North American wind sector, with a regional operator in America's heartland generating over…

Sweden Embraces Climate Leadership, Vows to Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2045

President Donald Trump may be poised to pull the U.S. out of the global climate agreement reached at COP21, but Sweden is charging…

UPS to Boost Onsite Solar By 500 Percent This Year

UPS plans to invest $18 million in solar installations this year, increasing its onsite solar power generation capacity fivefold.

The Dawn of a Carbon Negative Future is Near

As innovative startups find new ways to repurpose waste carbon, the physical manifestation of a carbon negative world is beginning to emerge.

Surviving and Thriving In A Future Tech Economy

Future tech’s ability to win on cost is ending the Industrial Age. AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), solar, and batteries are combining…

Report: EVs and Solar Will Displace Oil and Coal By 2020

The double-whammy of falling of electric vehicle costs, plus rapidly falling solar power prices, could slow the world’s demand for both oil and…

Renewables Dominated New U.S. Power Generation in 2016

Of the over 26 gigawatts of new energy capacity added in the U.S. last year, the vast majority came from renewables, according to…

New GM-Honda Fuel Cell Mashup Sets Internet Ablaze

General Motors and Honda will collaborate to push the hydrogen economy forward with a high-volume, first-of-its-kind fuel cell manufacturing plant.