Climate Capitalism

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. writes a weekly post for Triple Pundit on the topic of climate change and capitalism. Boyd (or Dr. Cohen whichever you prefer) is a professor of sustainable entrepreneurship and climate capitalism at UVIC and UBC and is the co-founder of CO2 IMPACT, a carbon consultancy based in Vancouver. He is the co-author, with Hunter Lovins of Climate Capitalism: Capitalism in the Age of Climate Change. In this series, Boyd covers a range of topics related to how communities, cities, countries and companies are prospering from mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Climate Capitalism and Biofuels Ready to Break Out in 2011

  By: Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Our “addiction” to highly polluting and emitting fossil fuels presents serious challenges to achieving meaningful reductions in…

A Twitter Conversation Between a Climate Capitalist and a “Conservative, Gun Owning Scientist”

By Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Recently I’ve been impressed with the uses of Twitter as a medium for dialog amongst geographically disperesed people…

Charismatic Carbon-Offset Projects with Co-Benefits

By Boyd Cohen, CEO CO2 IMPACT While many people still have their suspicions about carbon offsets and suggest that offsets are a copout…

Climate Capitalism: The Path to Economic Prosperity

This post is part of a new weekly column on Triple Pundit by Boyd Cohen on the topic of “Climate Capitalism“. By Boyd…

2010-The Year that Climate Capitalism Emerged to Save the Day #3pVOTE

This post takes an optimistic view of the highlights from 2010 that lead some to believe 2010 may have been the year when…

5 Climate Capitlalists I Met at Cop16 in Cancun

By Boyd Cohen, CEO CO2 IMPACT I spent several days in Cancun at COP16 last week. I was most struck by the number…

Bolivian President Morales’ Stance on Capitalism too Simplistic

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CEO CO2 IMPACT “O muere el capitalismo, o muere la Madre Tierra,” Evo Morales proclaimed at the recent UN COP16…
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