Climate Capitalism

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. writes a weekly post for Triple Pundit on the topic of climate change and capitalism. Boyd (or Dr. Cohen whichever you prefer) is a professor of sustainable entrepreneurship and climate capitalism at UVIC and UBC and is the co-founder of CO2 IMPACT, a carbon consultancy based in Vancouver. He is the co-author, with Hunter Lovins of Climate Capitalism: Capitalism in the Age of Climate Change. In this series, Boyd covers a range of topics related to how communities, cities, countries and companies are prospering from mitigating and adapting to climate change.


A Twitter Conversation Between a Climate Capitalist and a “Conservative, Gun Owning Scientist”

By Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Recently I’ve been impressed with the uses of Twitter as a medium for dialog amongst geographically disperesed people…

Charismatic Carbon-Offset Projects with Co-Benefits

By Boyd Cohen, CEO CO2 IMPACT While many people still have their suspicions about carbon offsets and suggest that offsets are a copout…

Climate Capitalism: The Path to Economic Prosperity

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2010-The Year that Climate Capitalism Emerged to Save the Day #3pVOTE

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5 Climate Capitlalists I Met at Cop16 in Cancun

By Boyd Cohen, CEO CO2 IMPACT I spent several days in Cancun at COP16 last week. I was most struck by the number…

Bolivian President Morales’ Stance on Capitalism too Simplistic

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CEO CO2 IMPACT “O muere el capitalismo, o muere la Madre Tierra,” Evo Morales proclaimed at the recent UN COP16…