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News and analysis of the impact of climate change on governments and businesses.

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Congressional Climate Witch Hunt Reaches an Impasse’s outside counsel requested a meeting with the Congressional Science Committee last month to discuss Lamar Smith's subpoenas and issues related to climate…

3p Weekend: These Stakeholders Support a Carbon Tax — And You Should, Too

While American politicians continue to debate the efficacy of a carbon tax, external stakeholders are lining up in support. Check out what they…
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There’s a New Koch-Funded, Pro-Fossil Fuel Group in Town

A new organization launched last weekend called Fueling U.S. Forward, whose goal is to put a positive spin on fossil fuels.
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New Carbon Capture Will Use Pulp and Paper Emissions to Grow Vegetables

A carbon capture technology firm in Canada will trap carbon emissions from a pulp and paper plant and transfer them to a nearby…
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Federal Court Rules in Favor of Social Cost of Carbon and Environmental Justice

A Chicago court ruled unanimously that the Department of Energy “acted within its authority and did not violate any regulatory or statutory provisions"…
Wind turbines above The Nature Conservancy's Hole In The Mountain Prairie near Lake Benton, Minnesota. Photo © Richard Hamilton Smith

Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way

The energy sector of our global economy has long been due for an overhaul. We need cleaner sources, an upgraded grid and new…
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ExxonMobil Pays Lip Service to a Carbon Tax

Despite public statements, a review of ExxonMobil’s campaign contributions -- especially during this election cycle -- indicates the company is funding climate deniers.
The wrong type of home insulation can do more harm than good, green building experts say.

Is Your Home Insulation Promoting Climate Change?

The wrong type of home insulation can do more harm than good, green building experts say.
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Carbon XPrize Announces Entries Vying for $20 Million in Prizes

The Carbon XPrize is a five-year competition that seeks to convert carbon emissions into successful, profitable and useful products. Nearly 50 organizations from…
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Why California Must Continue To Conserve Water

This summer, California Gov. Jerry Brown lifted mandatory water restrictions following higher rainfall this spring. But the state isn't out of the woods…
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Israel, the Water Superpower

With advances in desalination, irrigation and water recycling, Israel has become the global water superpower.
Environmental justice considers the local environmental impact of air and water pollution from industry. Consider this housing community situated right next to an oil refinery in Richmond, CA

Environmental Justice Wins with California Cap-and-Trade

Environmental justice is in need of a win, especially when the current climate crisis serves to magnify racial inequality and dramatically effects the…
The Paris Agreement was formally adopted by the U.N. Conference of Parties (COP) in December.

3p Weekend: The Climate Deadline No One Is Talking About (Yet)

As the Paris Agreement continues its slow march through legislatures around the world, there's one impending deadline no one is talking about --…
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Sea Level Rise Could Cause $1 Trillion in U.S. Real Estate Losses

The online property database Zillow issued a report this week that suggests sea-level rise could cause almost $1 trillion in property losses by…
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Philippines Investigates Carbon Majors’ Role in Climate Change

In a move the governments of other developing countries will watch closely, the Philippines issued a complaint directed at 47 of the world’s…