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News and analysis of the impact of climate change on governments and businesses.

Why Enterprise Joined ALEC For a Hot Second — Then Ditched

The lobbying organization ALEC insists there is a "debate" over climate change, but Enterprise -- and its customers -- aren't buying that argument.

Carbon Pricing Delivers Results, But Much Work Lies Ahead

In a survey conducted by CDP, 1 in 5 large firms now set an internal carbon price -- up 23 percent from 2015.

Massachusetts Governor Creates Climate Change Strategy Through Executive Order

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed an executive order last week that spells out a plan to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Week NYC Sponsored by Banks Financing Fossil Fuel Projects

Three large banks with heavy investments in fossil fuels are sponsoring Climate Week NYC this year, according to a group of NGOs.

SEC Investigates ExxonMobil As Climate Science Witch Hunt Continues in Congress

The SEC says ExxonMobil failed to effectively communicate financial and climate risk data to shareholders, and it plans to investigate further. Meanwhile, a…

Congressional Climate Science Witch Hunt Begins ‘Constitutional Obligation’ Hearings

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, chair of the House Science Committee, scheduled a hearing on Wednesday to assert the committee’s right to issue broad…

3p Weekend: Your Cheat Sheet to the Dakota Access Pipeline Conflict

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein called the conflict "one of the defining climate justice fights in the United States." But many Americans…

Virgin Atlantic: Emissions from Steel Mills Could Fuel Airplanes

After five years of research and development, Virgin Atlantic and Illinois-based LanzaTech developed a source of jet fuel made of waste gases from…

Obama Establishes First Marine Monument in the Atlantic Ocean

On Thursday, President Barack Obama established the first U.S. marine monument in Atlantic waters. Some stakeholders are elated. Others, not so much.

Seafood Alternatives Could Help Relieve Pressure on the World’s Oceans

As is the case with fake meats such as substitutes for the “bloody burger” and chicken strips made from pea flower, it may…

Largest Fund Manager Remains Resistant to Shareholder Action on Climate

At the behest of shareholders, financial firms are beginning to recognize climate risk as a material risk. But not Vanguard, America's largest fund…

Why APP Is Investing in Landscape Restoration

Asia Pulp and Paper says it is committed to forest restoration and cleaning up its supply chain. TriplePundit interviewed the company's sustainability director…

How a Social Investment Fund Strives to Preserve Brazil’s Forests

Part social enterprise, part agribusiness and part reforestation venture, Symbiosis Investments of Brazil could become a leading market-based approach that meets the demand…

New York City is Sinking, and No One Knows What to Do

New York City will become more submerged as this century progresses, yet city leaders and citizens are woefully unprepared for this eventuality.

U.S. and China Joined the Paris Agreement: So, What’s Next?

These two big buy-ins mean the Paris Agreement is more likely to be ratified this year, or even as soon as this month.…