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  • Elvia Almachi, 32, holds a bundle of recently harvested Fair Trade-certified roses. Elvia has been working at Agrogana for 12 years, and has been part of the Fair Trade committee. She has two daughters, 9 and 12. Elvia and her husband Luis Alberto Villegas, also an Agrogana employee, both participate in the weekend adult school program paid by the Fair Trade Premium.
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Green Algae Meets Dirty Coal for Carbon Capture

An unlikely marriage of algae and coal-plants could become a reality through a company called OriginOil. The company helps algae growers with the incredibly difficult…

Markets at Risk of a “Carbon Bubble”; Fossil Fuel Reserves, Companies Way Overvalued

A "carbon" bubble exists and massive misallocation of capital is taking place in world financial markets as fossil fuel reserves and the shares…

Increasing Gas Prices Despite Subsidies

This post is part of a blogging series by economics students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here.…

TransAlta Coal Plant to Close, But Don’t Hold Your Breath

TransAlta, the last operating coal-fired plant in the Pacific Northwest, is shutting down, but not until 2025 under a deal brokered by Washington…

Spruced Down: Going to the Mountaintop and Saving It

A 12-year battle with Big Coal over the future of one of the largest West Virginia mountaintop removal coal mines was resolved this…
coal fired plant, Oregon

Is Coal a Dead Man Walking?

There is a good chance that gasoline could hit $4, or even $5, a gallon at some point this year. The American economy…

Enviro Group Battles to Halt Offshoring of Carbon Pollution

A broad coalition of conservation and clean energy groups, including Earthjustice, the Washington Environmental Council and The Sierra Club want to stop a…
MTR mining results, WV.

Bankrolling of Mountaintop Removal Mining Continues

Mountaintop Removal Mining (MTR) has been growing emerging trend within the coal mining industry.  MTR is less labor-intensive and for miners, less dangerous…

Coal Industry Costs More Than It’s Worth

As the second largest coal-producing state, West Virginia provides 20 percent of all coal mined in the U.S. The West Virginia coal industry…

Investors with Combined $240B Portfolio Ask EPA to Adopt Tough Coal Ash Ruling

California-based As You Sow has highlighted the dangers of coal ash disposal, and has put pressure on publicly-owned large utilities through shareholder resolutions.…

The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

Since 2008, 16 new coal plants came on line, and 16 more are under construction, according to an analysis by the Associated Press…

Mr. President, There is No Such Thing as Clean Coal

President Obama recently authorized $1 billion for FutureGen, a public-private partnership aimed at operating the world’s first coal-fired, near-zero emissions power plant. FutureGen’s…

Peak Coal Puts a New Spin on Global Warming Predictions

Here’s a new spin on the climate change debate for ya… Tad Patzek, chair of the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at the…

How Marin County Delivers 75% Renewable Energy at Competitive Prices

Marin Energy Authority of California is the first utility in the country to source over 75% of its electricity supply from non-fossil/non-nuclear generation.…

How Wind Powers GE Ecomagination’s Growth

Utility scale wind power plants have emerged as a global low cost renewable energy resource. In this second part of my video interview…