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Global Sharing Day – November 14th

Sharing Day is November 14th. Are you ready?
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Airbnb Launches Free Temporary Housing for Sandy Survivors in New York

Airbnb launched a program with the City of New York to connect those without shelter to people who have extra space.

Why the Sharing Economy Should Be Given the Green Light

I often have to remind myself that as a San Francisco-based-CouchSurfer working in sustainability, I live in a bubble full of tree huggers…

Airbnb Builds Community, Not a Brand

When Airbnb's founders came up with the money-making idea of sharing space in August 2008, they didn't realize that they would be building…

Radical Sharing for the New Industrial Revolution

The access economy, also known as collaborative consumption, is characterized by the sharing of goods, space, services and expertise, in innovative ways; typically…

RelayRides Accident Raises Concerns about Liabilities of Access Economy

A recent RelayRides car accident is bringing attention to some of the liability issues associated with sharing economy borrowing arrangements.

Wife Swapping Hits Sharing Economy

Just kidding!  Happy April Fools 2012 :-) It was only a matter of time before dating sites got into the game. Up until…

Is San Francisco Trying to Kill AirBnb With a 15% Tax?

A proposed 15% tax on "transient occupancy" is being considered at San Francisco city hall. The rule would force Airbnb to collect an…

Access Economy Startup Allows People to Rent Each Others Stuff, a new “access economy” startup, allows you to rent your things to others and make money. According to the site, it’s a…

Want to Be the Next Airbnb? Solve These Two Problems

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that "collaborative consumption" is all the rage. Housing, transportation, service, or old clothing --…

SideTour: The Airbnb of Experiences

As part of our report on The Airbnb of Anything: The Growth of P2P Markets, we wanted to talk to a young company…

KeyWifi Opens the Door to Peer-To-Peer Wifi Rental

Wifi, like cars, has an enormous untapped capacity that until recently had no viable way to be shared with others. KeyWifi is readying…

TrendWatch 2012: Legitimization of the Access Economy

As of 2012, the concept of sharing has moved from a community practice into a legitimate business opportunity.

Skilio: Education that Lives Up to the Collaborative Consumption Hype

It seems everywhere you look these days, people are proclaiming this the year of collaborative consumption, C2C, otherwise commonly known as the sharing…

Swap-O-Matic – a Vending Machine that Promotes Sustainability

If you thought that vending machines that dispense nothing but baby carrots are the latest green innovation in this field, we’ve got news…