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Report: Progress Slow On Conflict Minerals

Most companies still cannot determine if their supply chains are conflict-mineral free.

The Conflict-Free Effect: Better for Society, Better for Business

At the Consumer Electronics Show, the CEO of Intel announced that the company is moving beyond microprocessors to validate its broader product base…

Highlights from 3p Traceability Week: Expert Panelists Answer Your Questions

Last week, Triple Pundit gathered a panel of experts to get to the bottom of some of the toughest traceability issues in four…
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3p Traceability Week: Q&A with Source Intelligence on Mineral Traceability

As part of 3p Traceability Week, Tristan Mecham, director of product development for Source Intelligence, will be on-hand all week to answer your…

Intel: The Push to Stop Conflict Minerals is Gaining

The tungsten, gold and other minerals in our computers have a nefarious past, and Intel is out to change that. It's set 2016…

3p Traceability Week: Expert Panelists Answer Your Questions

Join Triple Pundit and a panel of experts for 3p Traceability Week to discuss traceability in four controversial arenas -- seafood, fashion, minerals…
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Target Pushes ‘Long-Term Value’ in 2013 Sustainability Report

"It’s about making sure the partnerships we take, the processes we follow and the products we sell are helping us create long-term value…
conflict minerals

Apple Confirms Your MacBook Contains Only Conflict-Free Tantalum

Apple’s recently released supplier responsibility report contains good news concerning conflict minerals.
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Why We’re Saying No to Dirty Gold

Behind the sparkle of Valentine’s Day lies the reality of gold mining, one of the most polluting industries on Earth.

Boosting Impact Investment in Natural Resources: Minerals

Mining—and its products, minerals—have a bad reputation in the world of sustainability. Mineral extraction is widely associated with human rights violations, environmental damage…
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Intel CEO Challenges Electronics Industry to Dump ‘Conflict Minerals’

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich reminded us that the cost of producing technological wonders goes well beyond…
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Can Sustainability Disrupt Nintendo?

When it comes to conflict minerals, Nintendo is nothing but disruptive innovator, and actually seems to be lagging behind most other electronic companies.…

SEC Rule on Conflict Minerals Causes Vastly Different Reactions

While the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers file a lawsuit to stop or modify the SEC rule on conflict…
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GE Launches CSR Portal With Focus on People, Planet and Economy

Now GE is even more forthcoming with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and strategy with the launch of its GE Citizenship site.
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Conflict Mineral Rule 1502 – Here’s the Skinny

Patricia Jurewicz of the Responsible Sourcing Network dives into what the SEC's recent 1502 Conflict Mineral Rule means for investors, companies, and NGOs.