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Miners associated with a conflict-free mine washing coltan ore (tantalum). Taken during Patricia’s trip in spring 2012 to the DRC, Katanga Province

Conflict Mineral Rule 1502 – What’s All the Fuss About?

A summary of questions that companies are asking themselves about the SEC ruling on the "Conflict Minerals" provision of the Dodd-Frank act.

Experts Discuss Conflict Mineral Solutions While Waiting For SEC Rules

Waiting for the SEC's new rules on conflict minerals, expert panel discusses challenges and solutions of conflict mineral compliance on a Source 44…

Conflict Minerals: 4 Keys to Conflict-Free Supply Chains

With Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) rules on conflict minerals expected out by the end of June, there has been a flurry of…

The Opportunity Within the Dodd-Frank Act’s Conflict Minerals Reporting Requirements

The conflict minerals requirement, Section 1502, of the Dodd-Frank Act gives companies the opportunity to improve their supply chains.

Dutch Organization Wants to Make Fair-trade Gold the Standard

Dutch organization, Solidaridad recently unveiled Netherlands' first fair-trade and fairly mined jewellery line with the FT&M certification.

AT&T To Launch Eco-Rating System For Mobile Devices

AT&T announced last week that it will launch a new eco-rating system later this year.

Sierra Leone Launches Database to Increase Transparency of its Mining Activities

IPS reports that in January, Sierra Leone became one of the first West-African countries to launch an online mining database. The database is…

Cisco’s New Focus on Conflict Minerals

Cisco is a company that already has a robust CSR program and their focus for 2012 is conflict minerals. This week they released…

Global Witness Says Kimberley Process Not Preventing Blood Diamonds

Human rights group Global Witness announced this week that it is removing support for the Kimberley Process, the international scheme established a decade…
Neodymium, one coveted rare earth mineral

Conflicted Rare Earth Minerals Prices to Decline

Global demand for rare earth minerals will increase over seven percent a year, but now various reports suggest that prices for these materials…

Conflict Minerals in Everyday Electronics

Most of the electronics we use everyday, such as laptops, cell phones and DVD players, are manufactured with tantalum, tungsten and gold, AKA…

Tiffany & Co Launches Sustainability Website

In the past twenty years, the jewellery industry has faced numerous issues including blood diamonds, conflict gems and dirty gold. The industry and customers were also largely unaware…

Greenpeace Releases Green Electronics Guide

Greenpeace released the seventeenth version of  its Guide to Greener Electronics today. It has seen many changes over the years. Greenpeace didn’t release a guide…
mineral sorting tray

New Public-Private Alliance Will Launch a Conflict-Free Certification for Congolese Minerals

Who said the U.S. government is not pro-business? Next month, the government is launching a new Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade (PPA),…

Photo Essay: Diamond Mining in Sierra Leone

By Jesse Finfrock & Rachel Lichte Sierra Leone is a country at a crossroads. Decades of resource exploitation and a brutal ten-year war…