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Study: How Cyclists Think About Sustainability

Even though people’s best sustainability intentions don’t necessarily translate into consistent action, cyclists of all ages, tire preferences and political persuasions are thinking…
Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal comparison shops for a pair of new running shoes.

5 Lessons on the Consumer Economy from Marketplace’s Series, ‘Consumed’

Five lessons from the radio show Marketplace's Consumed series which explored last week “how we consume, what we get from it, what it…
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Brand Reputation Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Do sustainability and CSR actually impact companies’ reputation? While it does seem logical and there is no shortage of anecdotal evidence to support…
Food waste

How Food Waste Can Be Reduced By Consumers & Food Retailers

Food waste is a big problem in developed countries, but there are ways both consumers and food retailers can reduce it.

Consumer Responsibility and Food Waste

There certainly is food waste on the production and retail end, however, food wasted by consumers is also a big problem.
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2012: Four Trends in Sustainable Consumption

Was 2012 a good year in terms of sustainable consumption, where people purchased more green products while adopting alternative and more sustainable practices,…

New Report Offers 5 Lessons on the Perceptions of Manufacturers and Consumers

Based on interviews with manufacturers and consumers in the U.S., China, Germany and India, UL's new report covers a wide range of issues,…
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Consumers Increasingly Skeptical of Green Products? Maybe Not.

While a new GfK study shows a pushback among consumers when it comes to paying premium for green products, empirical data shows a…
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Can eReceipts Convince Shoppers Electronic Receipts Are a Better, Not Just Greener Option?

eReceipts is a new company offering retailers the ability to issue electronic receipts, which will be stored in a secure online cloud and…

The Truth Will Out: The Power of Crowds

Crowd sourcing and the power of social media are changing the corporate social responsibility and sustainability landscape.

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, True Leader of the Green Business Movement

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever talked last week at the KPMG’s Global Summit, addressing business sustainable challenges towards Rio+20 and showing again why…
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SunChips: The Crinkle Heard Round The World

Something astounding happened recently. A crumpling bag caused a company to crumple up years of effort and commitment to a green packaging innovation…

Majority of Executives and Consumers Think Businesses Not Committed To Sustainability

The majority of executives and consumers polled in a survey in July do not think the majority of businesses are committed to “going…

Stand By Your Cause: What Marketers Can Learn From Dawn & The Oil Spill

By Jacquie Ottman Long marketed by Procter & Gamble as an “effective yet gentle” way to keep dishes free from even the greasiest…

Integrity in Business: Principles Matter at the LOHAS Conference

With over 500 sustainable business executives attending the LOHAS Conference in Boulder, CO (today through Friday), I wanted to make sure to arrive…