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Corporate giving programs are still a large component of many company’s social responsibility strategies. The roots go back to corporate philanthropy dating back to the era of the Rockefellers, Morgans and Carnegies. The practice of giving has its share of critics, including here on TriplePundit.

And while writing checks does not substitute for actually “doing good” on social, environmental and corporate governance issues, watch the practice to continue.

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The Unrealized Potential of Workplace Giving

Average participation in employee giving programs has fallen from 41% in 2006 to 33% in 2012, and an estimated $10 billion is left…
Hyatt Hotels Corporation has launched a global philanthropy program called "Ready to Thrive" that will focus on literacy and career development.

Hyatt Launches New Global Philanthropy Program

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has launched a global philanthropy program called Ready to Thrive that will focus on literacy and career development.

Four Companies with Unique Employee Giving Programs

Since grant-matching and time off to volunteer have become commonplace, many companies are raising the bar with unique programs to inspire employees.
An "OPEN" sign is all that remains of this convenience store in Moore, Okla., the Oklahoma City suburb devastated by a tornado on May 20, 2013.

Business Community Gives Millions to Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Corporations across America have loosened their purse strings to aid victims of the recent tornado that left a path of destruction across central…
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Corporate Giving Programs Still Going Strong

Philanthropy and corporate giving programs are not going away; this decades-old movement has merely morphed into a more democratic process that touches more…
3M launches new corporate giving program to promote STEM

3M Launches Corporate Giving Programs Focus on STEM Education

3M has launched a $400,000 corporate giving program aimed at guiding STEM education to include nature conservation and sustainability awareness, with funding for…
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Corporate Philanthropy: The Latest Snapshot of Giving Trends

The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) and The Conference Board released their Corporate Giving Standard (CGS) trends survey this week.
Milaap water grant beneficiaries

Asian Philanthropy Includes Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Giving

Last week, Give2Asia, a $25-million-a-year international charity, celebrated ten years of philanthropy. Over its history, the charity has given out $201 million in…

Eight Companies with Best-in-Class Employee Matching Gift Programs

Did you know that over 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer employee matching gift programs? Here are eight companies that offer best in…

Corporate Philanthropy: The Benefits of Volunteer Grant Programs

By Adam Weinger Has your company considered instituting a volunteer grant program? These charitable programs, which are also known as Dollars for Doers…
Four Types of Employee Giving Programs

Four Top Corporate Giving Programs

Did you know that thousands of companies offer corporate employee giving programs? These charitable programs are setup by corporations as a way to…

Silicon Valley Introduces Corporate Philanthropy 2.0

These days, donating a portion of one's own savings or company dollars to charity is to look at philanthropy in its most primitive…

Corporate Philanthropy: The Business Case

Is there a business case for corporate philanthropy? The Conference Board’s Matteo Tonello, in an academic article also posted on Harvard Law School’s…

The Business Benefits of Philanthropy

If swapping some of your marketing budget for philanthropy sounds like a bad business move, Epic Media Group is here to prove you…

Toyota Joins Interactive Corporate Philanthropy Leaders

Toyota is transforming their corporate philanthropy to be “by the people and for the people” with the advent of their 100 Cars for…