Corporate Philanthropy

Most corporations make monetary or other donations to charities and non-profit projects in their community. Unstructured philanthropy is often considered a “first step” in building a robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. As a program evolves, philanthropy can be used more strategically and ultimately can be seen as returning many benefits to the company as well as the community at large. On this page are a collection of recent articles and information devoted to the subject.

JPMorgan Chase Wants to Help Small Businesses Owned by Minorities and Women

JPMorgan Chase is committing $75 million to support women-, minority- and veteran-owned small businesses over next three years.

The Evolution of Collaborative Corporate Giving & CSR

What role do companies play in partnering with nonprofits to engage in collaborative giving? And what's the impact on employees and society at…

Pushing the Culture of Progressive Luxury Brands

For Tom Roberts and Absolut Elyx, purpose is transforming the vodka category and doing something to mitigate the global water crisis.

Little Bets Can Have Big Impact in Corporate Philanthropy

In his book "Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries," Charles Sims says these little bets -- experimental, iterative, trial-and-error approaches…

Small Cash Donations Can Pay Dividends for the Rural Poor

Modest cash transfers of $1,000 or less can have a huge impact on developing communities, providing a massive return on philanthropic investment.

How Volunteering Can Strengthen Your Company

Volunteering can do more than make you feel good. It can help strengthen your company.

Trump Foundation More of a Slush Fund Than a Charity

A closer look at the Trump Foundation reveals it operates less like a charity and more like legal fund.

How the Clinton Global Initiative Changed the World By Changing Corporate Philanthropy

This week, the Clinton Global Initiative convened top leaders from business, government, and civil society for the 12th and final time. In this…

Investigation of Trump’s ‘Charity’ Results in More Bigotry

Last week, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into the Trump Foundation -- unleashing a wave of anti-Semitic comments from…

Education in Liberia: A Case Study in Maximizing Your Philanthropic Investment

Liberian schoolchildren face a number of obstacles. NGOs on the ground are out to help -- and modest philanthropic investments can keep them…

PepsiCo Tackles Child Hunger with Summer Meals

Hunger in America harshly affects 1 in 5 children. PepsiCo decided to take action with a hunger-relief program that has distributed 6.5 million…

Did We Make a Difference? Calculating the Social ROI on Philanthropic Dollars

Board members, shareholders, funders and the public want to know just how their philanthropic dollars are driving positive social change. The President of…

Clean Clothes — and Washing Machine Donations — Improve School Attendance

Whirlpool donated washing machines and dryers to school districts in St. Louis, and at-risk kids' absenteeism fell from 12 to 3.5 days in…

Corporate Giving: How to Ease the Transition from a Manual to an Automated System

Andy Cummings, director of client Solutions at Versaic, answers a common question about modernizing corporate giving programs.

A Three-Step Roadmap for Community Foundations to Become the Donor’s Choice

Annie Rhodes from MicroEdge + Blackbaud provides a three-step roadmap for community foundations looking to generate more donations.