Corporate Social Responsibility

A Core TriplePundit Topic

CSR is defined as a business outlook that acknowledges responsibilities to stakeholders beyond shareholders, including suppliers, customers, and employees as well as local and international communities in which it operates and the natural environment. The CSR movement represents a growing awareness that the actions organizations take have unintended consequences outside the business, and the business has a responsibility to address them.

Why Corporations Set Internal Carbon Prices

Businesses are coming to realize the strategic value in imposing an internal carbon price. Here's why.

Excess Carbon Emissions Are a Failure of Design

William McDonough, the author of "Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things," says it's time to change the way we think…

Fair Trade Gifts That Do Good

Fair Trade USA rounds up Fair Trade Certified gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Apathy or Action? Corporate America, It’s Time to Choose

Post-election, we are all contemplating how a new administration will impact our lives and work. More than ever before, American companies will choose…

Driving Diversity in a Trump-Led Era

How can companies help drive legislation and other policies that help promote diversity and inclusion? It's a question that has become all the…

High-Fashion Brands Lag on Slavery in Supply Chains

These brands don't skimp on quality fabric and stitching, but that doesn't mean they take active steps to remove forced labor from their…

NGO Urges California to Investigate the Solar Industry

D.C.-based Campaign for Accountability is urging California Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate the state's solar power companies after mounting customer complaints.

Why Being Bold is Not Enough When it Comes to Sustainability

While companies seem to be moving forward, the challenges we face advance much faster in the other direction, 3p correspondent Raz Godelnik said…

The U.S. Food Industry is Moving Forward on Date Labels and Food Waste

Date labels on food packaging -- such as 'best by,' 'use by' and 'sell by' -- are often misunderstood, resulting in perfectly edible…

Companies Staying Closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Forward-thinking companies are taking a stand against overconsumption by closing their doors on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Read on for their stories.

New Balance Tripped Up in Trump Controversies

Some customers are burning their New Balance shoes following an executive's pro-Trump comments. Things only got worse for New Balance when an alt-right…

U.S. Energy Giant NRG Proves Why Clean Power Is Here To Stay

Leading American energy company NRG provides a good example of why the incoming Trump administration is not likely to throw the clean power…

New Jaguar EV Challenges Tesla on Sustainable Performance

Jaguar-Land Rover's new I-PACE electric vehicle comes with a high-performance reputation and a sustainability edge.

Volkswagen Plans Massive Job Cuts

VW plans to cover fines related to its emissions fiasco with the money it'll save on employment and pensions. The move also signals…

Scaling Responsible Retail Supply Chains

By evaluating supply chain operations, small retailers are uncovering cost-savings, sustainability opportunities and chances to increase employee engagement, says Joe Carpenter of the Climate…