Corporate Social Responsibility

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CSR is defined as a business outlook that acknowledges responsibilities to stakeholders beyond shareholders, including suppliers, customers, and employees as well as local and international communities in which it operates and the natural environment. The CSR movement represents a growing awareness that the actions organizations take have unintended consequences outside the business, and the business has a responsibility to address them.


5 Ways Companies Can Save the Planet With Plastic Alternatives

Every company, no matter how small, has a responsibility to make "green" mainstream, says Ryan Williams of Method.
Employees of Mesirow Financial volunteered with the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, on Chicago's Southwest Side, to spruce up and maintain a summer garden. For the second straight year, The Chicago Charity Challenge has guided and supported Mesirow's ongoing volunteerism and fundraising, which includes parent mentoring programs to engage parents in the classroom, providing Thanksgiving meals to families, live theater tickets to youth, school supplies to 500 students, and creating deeper relationships between employees and the community.

6 Ways to Turn Your Corporate Philanthropy Into a Long-term Relationship

Single days of volunteer service are exciting, impactful and inspiring. But after a year or two of the ‘one and done’ volunteer events,…

PepsiCo Tackles Child Hunger with Summer Meals

Hunger in America harshly affects 1 in 5 children. PepsiCo decided to take action with a hunger-relief program that has distributed 6.5 million…
You'll rarely see a climate activist at a Trump rally -- but corporations are not so loyal or consistent with their climate support

Corporate Climate Act Signatories Also Fund Climate Skeptics

A review by Reuters of the signatories to President Obama’s 2015 American Business Act on Climate Change Pledge found that 83% also gave…

Ben & Jerry’s Keeps Fans Close By Speaking Truth To Power

Ben & Jerry's spends about a fifth of its marketing budget to reach 10 million "fans"on social media. But technology is only the…

Stealing Plays: Why Sustainability Communicators Should Be More Like Bill Belichick

In honor of the return of Bill Belichick and the forthcoming NFL season, sustainability pros should "steal" these plays from the marketing playbook.…
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Greenpeace Taps Big Data and Collaboration to Halt Deforestation

Greenpeace worked with private companies to develop a big-data approach that can identify the world’s most valuable forests.

7 Tips for Compelling Communications About Sustainable Agriculture

Big changes are taking place in the agriculture industry, as some of the world’s largest brands increase their focus on having a positive…

Did We Make a Difference? Calculating the Social ROI on Philanthropic Dollars

Board members, shareholders, funders and the public want to know just how their philanthropic dollars are driving positive social change. The President of…

Nonprofits Sue General Mills Over ‘Natural’ Label Claims

Three nonprofit organizations think products labeled as 'natural' shouldn’t contain ingredients like the herbicide glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup. And they're making…
How the food market is changing

Consumers Spoke, Big Food Listened: How the Food Market is Changing

To win back consumers' trust, food companies need to offer healthier food and more transparency. Here are four examples of such initiatives, which…

The Business Case for Safer Chemicals Now

Companies that fail to address the health and environmental threats from toxic chemicals “pose a greater risk for investors than companies that take…

Shareholder Resolution Asks Walgreens To Review Tobacco Sales

“We’re asking the company to review the financial, reputational and legal risks of continuing to sell this deadly product," Tom McCaney of the…

Capital One Empowers Girls to Code

Female designers, developers and entrepreneurs gathered with Capital One in Washington, D.C. to showcase solutions that empower young women to enter the tech…
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Abercrombie & Fitch Is Over the ‘Cool Kids’ Vibe, But It’s Too Late

Instead of targeting the 'cool kids' with six-pack abs, Abercrombie’s apparel and stores will now focus on customers’ “best self and inner confidence.”…