Corporate Social Responsibility

A Core TriplePundit Topic

CSR is defined as a business outlook that acknowledges responsibilities to stakeholders beyond shareholders, including suppliers, customers, and employees as well as local and international communities in which it operates and the natural environment. The CSR movement represents a growing awareness that the actions organizations take have unintended consequences outside the business, and the business has a responsibility to address them.

Humanize the Workplace to Increase Productivity

Remove negativity from your office and replace it with positivity and a healthy, happy work environment. Here’s how.

Can Better Data Improve Gender Equality?

Despite what we have achieved so far this century, women are still at a structural disadvantage in nearly every facet of life. On…

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When Workaholism Stops Working: Humanity’s Last Stand Is on the Job

It’s time to stop coveting the workaholic lifestyle — it’s unhealthy and ultimately unproductive. Instead, encourage your company's employees to embrace a healthy…

Interest in Alberta Tar Sands Oil Wanes, But Keystone XL Pipeline Could Still Pay Off

Oil companies are losing money on Canadian tar sands oil, but production continues and the Keystone XL pipeline could be the big winner.

Trump’s Manufacturing Roundtable: What U.S. CEOs Want

How do you bring "millions of jobs" back to the U.S.? That was President Trump's signature question for 24 manufacturing leaders at a…

Uber Accused of Using Technology to Root Out Local Regulators

According to a New York Times investigation, Uber engineers developed a software to identify and collect information on municipal officials who were attempting…

3p Weekend: These Execs Prove Sustainability is Big Business

While incoming U.S. President Donald Trump seems tied to the tired sentiment that sustainability kills business, some of the country's most successful corporate…

Businesses Step Up Efforts to Ensure Paid Family Leave

Proponents say paid family leave helps reduce turnover and costs for both employees and the business. Companies like Yum! Brands are taking that…

First 100 Percent Recyclable Carpet: A Sign of Hope In a Wasteful Industry

Whether it will herald a shift toward a circular economy for carpets, though, remains to be seen.

Amazon Ramps Up Investment in Rooftop Solar

Amazon expects to generate 41 megawatts of clean energy from solar arrays on its warehouse roofs by the end of this year alone.

How Public-Private Partnerships Can Tackle Water Scarcity

A partnership between one company and two Texas cities helps the region conserve water -- and it shows how public-private partnerships can help…

Companies Bolster Animal Welfare As Consumer Pressure Heats Up

In response to growing pressure from consumers and NGOs, three big-name food companies vowed to bolster their commitments to animal welfare.

Burger King Accused of Causing Deforestation Across Latin America

Burger King’s global supply chain, especially soy producers, can be linked to deforestation across Bolivia and Brazil, says the NGO Mighty Earth.

Shell, Like ExxonMobil, Knew About Climate Change Risks All Along

It turns out ExxonMobil was not the only energy company researching the effects of climate change decades ago. Shell produced a video on…