Dow Chemical: CSR & Sustainability News

The Dow Chemical Company, commonly referred to as Dow, is an American multinational chemical corporation headquartered in Midland, Michigan, United States. Dow Chemical is a provider of plastics, chemicals, and agricultural products with a presence in about 160 countries and employing about 50,000 people worldwide.


How Sports Can Help Address Climate Change

Global sports events like the Olympics serve as an important opportunity to build momentum and catalyze social and environmental change.

Twitter Chat Recap: Dow Chemical Co. Hosts Circular Economy Chat at #EnergyBag

Today, 3p, Neil Hawkins, Jeff Wooster and Andrew Winston came together for a Twitter Chat about the circular economy and the innovative #EnergyBag…
Dr. Neil Hawkins

Recap: Live Chat with Dr. Neil Hawkins, VP of Global EH&S and Sustainability at Dow Chemical Co.

On March 12, we spoke about the Natural Capital Hub and ecosystem services with Dr. Neil Hawkins of the Dow Chemical Company. The…
Canola field in Canada

3p Exclusive: How Dow Chemical’s Olympics Carbon Reduction Program Integrates Sustainable Ag

Dow Chemical's Sochi Olympics Sustainability Program will utilize canola seeds with increased yields and lower water and fertilizer needs.
Bill McKibben speaks at Green Meets Black conference at the University of Michigan.

Michigan’s Sustainable Businesses Inspired by Bill McKibben

The Green Meets Black conference highlighted Michigan-based companies like Dow Chemical, Herman Miller, GM and Cascade Engineering who were making sustainable strides, but…

SAP’s Sustainability Report: “Helping the World Run Better”

SAP is a company that makes its living providing information tools for businesses to better understand their business through quantitative reporting (including sustainability…

Progress Report: Dow Chemical Partners with The Nature Conservancy

Dow Chemical and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) announced a collaboration last year to help Dow incorporate ecosystem services into its decisions and strategies.…
photo courtesy of Joe Sullivan and Wiki Commons.

Green Chemistry: A Sustainable, Highly Produced Future?

Triple Pundit and I were recently invited to a “virtual conference” sponsored by Dow Chemical. The “Future We Create” love-fest was a meeting…
artists's rendering of London's Olympic Stadium "wrap"

London’s Olympic Stadium Scores High-Tech Wrap from Dow

Dow Chemical’s new Performance Plastics Division has stepped in with funding for the 2012 London Olympic's stadium wrap. But is it really "sustainable?"

Genomatica’s Sustainable Bio-Chemistry

The chemical industry is a $3 trillion dollar annual revenue industry. It’s principal feedstocks are oil and natural gas. The global chemical industry…