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No Olympic CSR Medals This Year: Companies Avoid Rio 2016

Many companies are staying away from Brazil in the countdown to this year’s Olympics, which is a lost opportunity for corporations seeking a…

How Sports Can Help Address Climate Change

Global sports events like the Olympics serve as an important opportunity to build momentum and catalyze social and environmental change.

3p Weekend: 8 Simple Ideas That Save Lives

When it comes to life-changing solutions -- and life in general, if you ask us -- it's often the simple things that make…

Dow Promotes the Importance of Handwashing

Dow clearly knows that handwashing is an important thing for children to do. The company recently announced its affiliation with the Global Public-Private…
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3p Exclusive: How Dow Chemical’s Olympics Carbon Reduction Program Integrates Sustainable Ag

Dow Chemical's Sochi Olympics Sustainability Program will utilize canola seeds with increased yields and lower water and fertilizer needs.

The GMO Fight Rages On: Implications of Bowman v. Monsanto

The Supreme Court will present a decision on Bowman v. Monsanto by June. It will have huge implications not only on what’s patentable…

Your Couch May Be Giving You Cancer

A new peer reviewed study shows that most of the couches purchased in the U.S. between 1985 and 2010 contain toxic and carcinogenic…
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Near Death of Proposition 37 Proves California’s Initiative Process Needs Reform

Whatever your opinion is on Proposition 37, the proposition which would require companies operating in California to provide labels if their foods contain…
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Alex Bogusky Brings a Fearless Knife to the Prop 37 Gunfight Against Monsanto

Alex Bogusky, the fearless adman turned activist, is now the sixth largest donor to the pro-Proposition 37 campaign.

The Trouble With GMO Labeling – What’s a Biotech Giant to Do?

If California's Proposition 37 becomes law in November, the law would require most foods that contain genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. Should…
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London’s Olympic Stadium Scores High-Tech Wrap from Dow

Dow Chemical’s new Performance Plastics Division has stepped in with funding for the 2012 London Olympic's stadium wrap. But is it really "sustainable?"

43 “Green” Companies Called out for Anti-Environmental Stance

A GreenBiz article asks, “Can a company take on sustainability initiatives — and promote their green credentials — while also lobbying behind the…

Dow Water and Process Interview: Part 2

Interview with Snehal Desai, Global Marketing Director for Dow Water and Process Solutions – Continued from Part 1. 3P: Are any your systems…

Dow Moves to Make Nature Part of the Bottom Line

Dow Chemical and the Nature Conservancy (TNC) announced a partnership on January 25 during a press conference at the Detroit Economic Club to…
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Latest From The Yes Men: A Lab for Corporate Mischief

What do you get when you combine The Onion, Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update, and well, AMC’s hit Mad Men?  You get The…