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A tree-planting is great, but today's Earth Month campaigns need to go further.

Earth Month Campaigns, All Grown Up

Over the last decade, marketers have learned from missteps of greenwashing during the month of April. Earth Month marketing has transformed to reflect…

EcoPlum ‘Pops Up’ for Earth Week

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Week and highlight the importance of living a more sustainable life. EcoPlum, an online fashion and…
Sen. Gaylord Nelson, often called the "father of Earth Day," chats with children in a Wisconsin marshland.

3p Weekend: The History of Earth Day — In Less Than 5 Minutes

Even as the cynic within us gripes about yet another Earth Day, it's important to remember how the tradition began. Ready for a…

Celebrating Planet and People on Earth Day

Today, social responsibility is considered a fundamental tenet of Earth Day. Even more striking is the role of business in the environmental discussion.…
Photo courtesy Kellogg's 2011 corporate responsibility report

Kellogg’s Commits to Sustainable Agriculture and Water Stewardship

Kellogg's released its annual corporate responsibility report to coincide with Earth Day and focuses on sustainable agriculture and water stewardship.

Caribou Coffee Goes 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified in the U.S.

Caribou Coffee has announced in January that all of its American stores will sell only coffee sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Half A Billion Acts of Green Have Now Been Completed

Back in 2010, in the months preceding the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day an ambitious campaign, called A Billion Acts of…

The Built Environment: Inflection and Reflection in the Shadow of Earth Day

Earth Day is over for this year, but what is arguably more important than the day itself is the day after – and the…

Does Earth Day Matter? Taking Stock of Where We Are in 2011

By Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CO2 IMPACT Well, here we are again, Earth Day 2011.  Some of the readers of this weekly series on…
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Beauty Company Avon Shifts to Sustainable Palm Oil

Just a few weeks ago we wrote about sustainable palm oil in the food business. It seems that with growing consumer awareness, the…

Fight E-waste, Make Money this Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day by purging your home, office, and classroom of broken electronics, and make money off of that ewaste. eBay is offering…

Amazon’s Green Consumer Mapping Beats Alternate Earth Day Coverage

Amazon, the nation’s largest online retailer, has broken out the environmental purchasing habits of their customers by region. Amazon tallied the annual purchases…

Honest Tea Makes It Easy to Plant Trees in Disaster Stricken Regions

Last month Honest Tea and the National Forest Foundation launched the “Bag to Tree” initiative to plant trees in regions that desperately need…

Walmart – A Sustainability Enabler this Earth Day

By Matt Courtland In the spring of 2009 it happened. The Green Committee I founded and currently chair decided to utilize Walmart in…

Whole Foods Announces Traveling Film Festival to Celebrate Earth Month

In celebration of Earth Month, Whole Foods announced last week that they will be presenting a traveling Do Something Reel Film Festival, which…