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  • Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff took to Twitter on Thursday to express his outrage over Indiana's so-called "Religious Freedom Restoration Act." But his leadership goes beyond his company’s opposition to the law.
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  • Elvia Almachi, 32, holds a bundle of recently harvested Fair Trade-certified roses. Elvia has been working at Agrogana for 12 years, and has been part of the Fair Trade committee. She has two daughters, 9 and 12. Elvia and her husband Luis Alberto Villegas, also an Agrogana employee, both participate in the weekend adult school program paid by the Fair Trade Premium.
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Ford Announces Extension to Range of Electrified Vehicles

It was just a few years ago that Ford, along with the rest of Detroit’s auto manufacturers, found themselves sidelined for ignoring fuel…
Solar Car Port, Plainville CT

GE Opens Solar EV Charging Station in Connecticut

Electric vehicles become much more environmentally friendly when you decouple them from fossil-fuel generated electricity and instead increase the mix of renewable power…
Image from www.pennyauctionshq.com

Online Auction Mechanism for EV Charging Developed

With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), the energy impact on the grid is less about the overall availability of energy to…

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Investment Strategies: Lessons from the Past?

By Matthew Madden Are the same strategies and market dynamics that characterized the growth of the telecom industry in the late 1990’s surfacing…

BMW Down on EVs, Does It Matter?

As an advocate of electric vehicles, it is somewhat disappointing to read about BMW’s CEO of North America, Jim O’Donnell, detailing limitations of…
Electric Ford Focus

Ford Announces Top 25 U.S. Cities for Electric Vehicle Readiness

Auto manufacturers breaking into the electric vehicle (EV) market not only have to concern themselves with research and development of the vehicles themselves,…

Two Wheels of Fortune: Marketing By Bicycle

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here.…
car taxes

Oregon Proposes Per Mile EV Tax

Despite the fact that electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles make up a miniscule fraction of cars on the road today, government entities…

New Analysis on the Carbon Impact of Electric Cars: Still Better than Gas

A new study released this month by Ecometrica, comprehensively extrapolates the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of cars powered by either gasoline, diesel, or…
From Plugless Power Website

Is Wireless The Future For EV Charging?

Imagine a future where you drive your electric car to work, park, get out and walk away, and your car automatically starts recharging…

New Hydrogen Fuel Technology an Oil Substitute?

It doesn’t seem so long ago that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were being touted as the way of the future. Even former President…
used under CC 3.0 license with permission of Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz

Momentum Dynamics: Passive Charging Could Be Key to EV Adoption

Most cities will be installing EV infrastructure in the next year. But according to Momentum Dynamics CEO Andrew Daga, that infrastructure might be…

PlugShare App Removes EV Owner Range Anxiety & Creates Community

I don’t know about you, but for perhaps the first time ever, I want to buy a Nissan. The Leaf, of course. But…

EV Company Better Place Announces Pricing for Denmark Launch

Better Place, the electric car company that has developed battery swapping technology for its vehicles, announced pricing on March 3rd for their entry…

Slow Sales of EVs Create Doubt about Size of Market

Two new cars, the Nissan LEAF and the Chevrolet Volt – a battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle respectively – may together,…