empire state building

WegoWise acquires Melon Power for energy efficient buildings

How Energy Efficient Can Your Building Be? WegoWise and Melon Power Have the Answer

The building analytics company WegoWise has just nailed down an agreement to acquire the software company Melon Power, and the combination promises to…
radiator labs steam heat retrofits

How Your Building Could Be Like the Empire State Building

Radiator Labs, a company formed by a group of students from Columbia University,  has come up with a radiator retrofit that could give…
Michael Owens and President Bill Clinton at SOS 2012

10 Green Lessons from the Sustainable Operations Summit

The Sustainable Operations Summit in New York, featured many interesting and smart people, from President Bill Clinton to Amory Lovins, talking about the…

Pushing Energy-Efficiency Retrofits Closer to the Tipping Point

President Obama’s call for $4 billion worth of deep retrofit work resulting in energy-efficient buildings, half in the private sector, is a step…
Radiator retrofits for Empire State Building and your building, too

Empire State Buildng Gets LEED Gold Certification

New York City’s iconic Empire State Building has been getting a lot of press lately for its energy efficiency improvements. Its latest achievement…

Johnson Controls Strides from Green Buildings to Clean Vehicles

Johnson Controls recently made headlines with an energy efficiency upgrade of the iconic Empire State Building, and it has just announced an equally…

Video Interview: Serious Materials on the Empire State Building

Buildings consume over 50% of the energy in the US, and over 50% of building energy consumed by buildings is in heating and…

Interview: Southwall’s Dennis Capovilla on Empire State’s ‘Super Windows’

In the Summer of 2009 we started hearing about a monumental plan to green the Empire State Building.  It was big news and,…

Empire State Building Reaches New Heights in Energy Efficiency

On February 25, 2010 the Sustainable Building Industry Council’s (SBIC) 2009 Beyond Green High Performance Building Award was given to the Empire State…
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