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HP Shows Companies How to Integrate Energy Management and Carbon Reduction

Why can’t big companies do a better job of managing the way they use energy and natural resources? In many ways, the unwieldy…

Energy Efficiency at Genzyme

By Eva Zlotnicka, 2010 Climate Corps fellow at Genzyme, Joint degree MBA/MESc candidate at Yale School of Management and Yale School of Forestry…

Cleantech VC’s ask: Who will be the SunRun of Home Energy Efficiency?

This post is part of a blogging series by marketing students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here.…

SAP 2010 CSR Report Boasts US$470M in Energy Savings

While SAP scored impressive reductions in total greenhouse gas emissions, data center energy consumption, and total energy consumed between 2009 and 2010, one…
Walt Disney Company Headquarters, Burbank, CA

Disney Invests $15.5 Million in Carbon Offsets

Disney's 2010 Corporate Citizenship report is a frank discussion of the challenges Disney faces on environmental social, and governance issues. Today’s assessment of…
From Plugless Power Website

Is Wireless The Future For EV Charging?

Imagine a future where you drive your electric car to work, park, get out and walk away, and your car automatically starts recharging…

HR 910 Would Threaten California’s Clean Energy Economy and More

In the battle to rebuild California’s economy and create jobs, we certainly do not have a friend in Fred Upton (R-MI), the new…

Is Green Investment Finally on the Brink of Breaking Out?

Will the U.S. Catch Up with the Rest of the World? Hugh Wheelan of Responsible Investor conducted a great interview of Kevin Parker,…
bicycle powered electricity generator

The Future of Pedal Power in Remote Places

Dr. Nathan Phillips, an associate professor of geography and environment at Boston University, first worked with a bicycle-powered electricity generator while conducting research…

AT&T’s Energy Efficiency Projects Save $44 Million in 2010

AT&T announced last week that it saved US$44 million in energy savings thanks to 4200 energy efficiency projects in 2010. The savings originated…
Lord Anthony Giddens

Lord Anthony Giddens: The Four Mistakes of Green Growth

The Economist wrote in March 2010 that climate change doubters are right when they state that uncertainties are rife in climate science, but…

Microsoft Suggests IT Industry Look to Energy Efficiency, Is EE Enough?

When sustainable energy comes up in the realm of IT, it usually involves low carbon energy production and a better use of energy…

All Vehicles are Electric Vehicles – Here’s Why

Critics are often quick to point out that car companies are somewhat disingenuous when they use the phrase “zero emissions vehicle” when promoting…

Huge Maersk Triple-E Ships Get “E” for Effort, and Expense

Maersk Line, the world’s largest container ship operator, is building a fleet of the world’s largest container vessels—a deal that includes 10 firm…

FedEx Reaches Company Milestone and Opens Energy Efficient Data Center

A few days ago FedEx Corp. unveiled its Enterprise Data Center-West (EDC-W), located in Colorado Springs, CO, making it the company’s first environmentally…