Vancouver Aims for Zero Carbon by 2030

Thanks to the aggressive target, ultra-energy-efficient buildings will soon be common in Vancouver, Canada.

2016: Another Monumental Year for Clean Energy

The latest Sustainable Energy in America Report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that the march toward a renewable energy future continues, unabated.

Life Beyond Lithium-Ion: New ‘Glass Battery’ Promises Longer EV Range

This energy storage breakthrough for electric vehicles is the result of an international research collaboration.

U.S. Energy Dept. Touts New ‘Solar Fuel’ Catalysts for the Hydrogen Economy

A dozen new catalysts offer opportunities to produce renewable hydrogen and other fuels using sunlight and water.

Report: Clean Energy and Efficiency Can Cheaply Replace Coal

A new report published by the Natural Resources Defense Council merely quantifies what is becoming increasingly apparent to all – except a few…

3p Weekend: 14 American Cities Tackling Climate Change Today

Despite President Donald Trump's stated plans to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, cities across the country are stepping in…

The Clean Power Plan is Going Away, And There’s No Replacement

In what should come as no surprise, the Donald Trump administration is set to eliminate the Clean Power Plan, which aimed to shift…

States Lead on Carbon Pricing Amidst Federal Uncertainty

As the future of climate politics remains uncertain at the national level, state legislation becomes a crucial focus. And states across the country…

Interest in Alberta Tar Sands Oil Wanes, But Keystone XL Pipeline Could Still Pay Off

Oil companies are losing money on Canadian tar sands oil, but production continues and the Keystone XL pipeline could be the big winner.

Amazon Ramps Up Investment in Rooftop Solar

Amazon expects to generate 41 megawatts of clean energy from solar arrays on its warehouse roofs by the end of this year alone.

Shell, Like ExxonMobil, Knew About Climate Change Risks All Along

It turns out ExxonMobil was not the only energy company researching the effects of climate change decades ago. Shell produced a video on…

Scientists Invent Hydrogen-Sucking Sponge For Fuel Cell EVs

The fuel cell EV of the future could sport a cluster of nanoscale sponges to store hydrogen more efficiently than typical compression systems.

ExxonMobil Plans to Keep 3.5 Billion Barrels of Tar Sands in the Ground

Last week ExxonMobil quietly announced it would remove a significant portion of its Canadian tar sands oil holdings from the books. The move…

Tesla Charges Ahead with Plans for More Gigafactories

Tesla's cryptic plans to build three new 'gigafactories' turned heads, while confounding analysts who cannot believe the company continues to grow while losing…

A 100% Clean Energy Revolution: Town-by-Town, City-by-City and State-by-State

Local efforts are now poised to drive the country to a 21st-century energy infrastructure, with or without the federal government.