What’s the ROI of an LOL? FunnyBizz Conference Makes the Business Case for Humor

No one wants to be sold to or patronized, so why not lighten it up with a little humor? This was the focus…

Woman Transforms Thrift Shop Fashion Dolls Into ‘Real’ Girls

She is not the first to perform make-unders on discarded dolls -- fashion dolls in particular. But ever since Sonia Singh from Tasmania,…
Entrepreneurship mindsets

5 Mindsets That Can Kill Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Entrepreneurship is all about mindset. Steer clear of these five mindset traps that can kill your entrepreneurial dreams, and follow these quick tips…
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The Shakespeare Effect: Good Storytelling for Great Jobs

As a jobseeker trying to express your competitive advantage in the crowded, unstructured sustainability jobs market, storytelling can set you ahead.
Women-owned nonprofit Untapped Shores provides an opportunity for travelers to make a difference by carrying and delivering a life-saving business-in-a-box to a woman or a family in need.

What’s Behind the Boom in Women Entrepreneurs?

In the past 15 years, the number of women-owned businesses grew by 54 percent. There are now 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the…
Meet The Startups, People & Organizations That Will Transform Our Cities In the Next Decade

Urbantech Startups and the Cities of the Future

As urbanization increases, so does the need for smarter solutions in order to serve the needs of this increased population. Startups are using…
La Limonada

What If a Job Could Reduce Violence?

Economic development could reduce violence in communities with gang activity through supplying choices and opportunity.
SVN member Kat Taylor

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Culture Matters

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Kat Taylor, CEO and co-founder of Beneficial State Bank, says "culture matters the most."
SVN member Gary Hirshberg

SVN’ Best Advice’ Series: Believe in Yourself

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Stonyfield, shares the impact of "believing in yourself."
SVN member Janie Hoffman

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Trust Your Wisdom First

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Mamma Chia CEO Janie Hoffman shares the importance of listening to your entrepreneurial wisdom.
SVN member Gary Shinner

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Engineer a Long-Term Vision

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Gary Shinner, former CEO of Mighty Leaf Tea, shares how to engineer a long-term vision for your…
SVN member Cheryl Contee

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Never Stop

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Cheryl Contee, CEO of Fission Strategy, shares how she overcame the gender biases in the tech industry.
Neil Grimmer thumbnail-01

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Building on Purpose

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Neil Grimmer, president and c-founder of Plum Organics, shares how to built a business based on purpose.

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Banking from the Habits of the Heart

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Vince Siciliano, CEO of New Resource Bank, shares what role purpose and values have had in his…
Rinku Sen best advice

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Manage Your Mood

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Find out how your mood as a CEO affects your organizational culture from Race Forward's Rinku Sen.