SVN member Gary Shinner

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Engineer a Long-Term Vision

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Gary Shinner, former CEO of Mighty Leaf Tea, shares how to engineer a long-term vision for your…
SVN member Cheryl Contee

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Never Stop

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Cheryl Contee, CEO of Fission Strategy, shares how she overcame the gender biases in the tech industry.
Neil Grimmer thumbnail-01

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Building on Purpose

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Neil Grimmer, president and c-founder of Plum Organics, shares how to built a business based on purpose.

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Banking from the Habits of the Heart

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Vince Siciliano, CEO of New Resource Bank, shares what role purpose and values have had in his…
Rinku Sen best advice

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Manage Your Mood

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Find out how your mood as a CEO affects your organizational culture from Race Forward's Rinku Sen.
Mark Tilsen Best Advice

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Never Stop Learning From Your Customers

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Mark Tilsen shares how listening to his customers helped him grow his business in this short video.
Judy Wicks best advice

SVN ‘Best Advice’ Series: Build Authenticity of Place

Business advice for the mission-driven entrepreneur: Local economies pioneer Judy Wicks shares what's most fulfilling about growing a local business in this short…

eBay Foundation’s Plan to Get Indonesian Businesses Online

The eBay Foundation's recent partnership with website creator Kolabo may spell great potential for small businesses in Indonesia, where websites are still a…
F123 in the World

How Information Technology Can Help Bridge Gaps in Education

Fernando Botelho and his organization, F123 have developed low-cost open-source assistive technology for the blind. His initiative is one example of how information…
TP Article Ashoka Image - Edwards 2

Ashoka’s Vision to Develop an International Age of Social Entrepreneurship

Ashoka has always been the world's leader in developing the idea of a social entrepreneur. It is an international non-government organization looking to…
Blue Bottle Coffee founder James Freeman grew his mission driven enterprise from a one-man operation to a bicoastal success.

Case Study: How to Grow Without Compromising Your Mission

This post by New Resource Bank's Gary Groff is about how smart investment and debt management enables mission-driven companies to scale without compromising…
Photo courtesy of Oxfam International

Is Environmental Entrepreneurship the Key to Solving Climate Change?

The old form of environmentalism was telling people what not to do. If you cut down trees, pollute streams or throw your trash…

Why 500 Everyday Americans Are Test-Driving Life Without Clean Water

In celebration of World Water Day, learn why Dig Deep launched an interactive infographic featuring videos, photos and tweets from everyday Americans who…
Rio de Janeiro favela

Bing to Put Brazil’s Favelas on the Map

How can you provide social services or start a new business when your city doesn't even show up on a map? That's the…
Image Credit: D.C.Atty, Flickr

Building an Economy Based on Love

Instead of going into a traditional MBA domain, my wife and I chose instead to start a cleaning company because it was very…
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