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The body prototype of the Urbee is the first ever printed on a 3D printer

Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program Helps Create Urbee – the First 3D Printed Car

At 200 miles-per-gallon, the Urbee hybrid-electric car is touted by some as the “greenest car in the world.” But what might truly set…

Get Your Hands Dirty on Your Next Vacation with Zuvy

Do you love to travel and experience new cultures? Better yet, do you have exotic travel plans for this holiday season? If either…

Mentorship as a Way to Foster New Green Businesses?

The need for green workforce development is clear. It is also clear that the majority of new jobs are created by small business,…

Sir Richard’s Condoms: Buy One, Give One

You might have read about the Pope’s recent (slight) revision of the Catholic Church’s stance on condom-use — a stance with far greater…

A Huge Shift In Business Began on October 1st, 2010

Something huge quietly happened on October 1st, 2010. Something that is the start of a powerful, powerfully beneficial way to do business: Global…

Eco-Entrepreneurship Opportunity: Sustainable Coffee Shop

Do you enjoy serving people? Are you into community? Do you like rainforests? If so, then going into business as a green coffee…
planet people

Planet People: This Soap is the Right Kind of Green “Washing”

Consumers shopping in their local grocery stores are finding an ever expanding selection of “green” cleaning products, which is welcome by many looking…

Do Green Start Up Tips Parallel General Start Up Tips?

Start ups bring something to the market that usually has never been successfully done before.  With such uncertainty, start ups bear higher risk…
courtesy Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea’s Long Journey To Fair Trade Sourcing

Rishi Tea, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is one of the first tea companies to embrace fair trade. Its founder, Joshua Kaiser, figured that…

Borrowing from Facebook: New Directions in Microfinance

By: Brendan Rigby “The microlending movement that was supposed to help lift millions of people in India out of poverty has in recent…

Redwood Systems: LED Lighting that Talks (Video Interview)

The network of lighting in every room provides an opportunity to create an information rich “smart” building that redefines how we interact with…

Will Micromidas Have the Golden Touch with Sewage Based Bioplastics?

When you wash your hands, flush the toilet, or do the dishes, the water’s just gone, right? Waste to be processed, end of…

Microfinance Participants Refuse to Pay Following a Series of Suicides

The biggest hurdle to microfinance sustainability might not be its financial viability, but social acceptance. In reaction to local regulation changes, thousands of…
Small Business Clean Tech Image

Small Businesses Will Help US Keep Pace With Asia’s Clean Tech

In his 2010 State of the Union Address, President Obama predicted: “The nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation…

Video Interview: Removing Coal Fired Power Plants by Handling Peak Load

Coal fired and natural gas power plants are installed only to sit idle 99% of the time.  In fact, 10% of the power…