Blue is the New Green: Why Environmentalists Need to Pay Closer Attention to the Ocean

This article highlights the importance of protecting oceans as the planet's life support system, and makes the connection between ocean issues and other…

RILA: Retail Sustainability is On the Move

By Adam Siegel, RILA Vice President, Sustainability & Retail Operations Industry Research Outlines Progress in Environmental Sustainability Retailers are continuing to enhance and…

Green Scissors Report Suggests $380 Billion in Savings by Killing Subsidies and Spending

Sometimes, changing current methods of doing things has an economic gain. In a groundbreaking report released by Green Scissors, a coalition between four…

Green IT – The Other Clean Tech

This post examines U.S. prospects for leading in green information technology, as a growing component of the broader clean tech market.
Interview with Majora Carter

Stopping Poverty through Sustainability in the South Bronx (Interview)

"Don’t surround yourself with people who “want to make a change.” Listen to everyday Americans to hear their concerns and aspirations."

Are Forests Breathing Easier? Thank City Dwellers

Urbanization and going back to nature seem like incompatible concepts, but there’s a body of evidence that says increasing migration to cities has…

AA’s Huge Aircraft Order Claims 35% Gain in Fuel Efficiency

American Airlines’ blockbuster narrowbody aircraft order this month places a huge emphasis on achieving major gains in fuel efficiency over a short period…

Savannah Bee Company is Built on Education and Passion

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Savannah Bee Company, a company that I have been following for a number of years–…
Keep GE Salmon Off Our Dinner Plates!

Op Ed: Congress Ramps Up Opposition to Genetically Engineered Fish

The Food & Drug Administration could let industry pressure overrule common sense any day now by allowing genetically modified (GE) salmon to be…

Resource Conflict on the Rise: Free Trade Agreements Up for Vote

Three free trade agreements, with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, are due up in Congress this month, highlighting the debate, controversy and potential…

Fare Trade: Lifetime Bus Pass for Your Car

For some a lifetime trolley-bus pass might sound like the third-place prize in a contest where $1 million goes to the first-place winner.…
Commercial Solar Installation

Can Commercial PACE Financing Drive $2.5 Billion in Energy Efficiency Investments?

This post is part of a blogging series by economics students at the Presidio Graduate School’s MBA program. You can follow along here.…
Environmental Balance

Bolivian Government Recognizes Importance of Balance in Sustainability

By Cooper Swanson Balance is an essential aspect of sustainability.  This is all-too-often overlooked, although English lexicon is full of phrases such as…

The Living Seed Company Offers Rare Seed Varieties

It’s that time of the year for planting seeds! And while you can find your cukes, tomatoes and beans at your local nursery…
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Beauty Company Avon Shifts to Sustainable Palm Oil

Just a few weeks ago we wrote about sustainable palm oil in the food business. It seems that with growing consumer awareness, the…