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How Cloud Computing Can Help Shrink Corporate Energy Consumption

The CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) estimates that cloud computing could save large U.S. corporate entities up to $12.3 billion in energy costs…

San Francisco: Issue an Impact-Rated Muni Bond in Energy Efficiency

In light of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors resolution to divest from fossil fuels, students of Presidio Graduate School call for its issuance…
net impact

Small Steps, Big Wins: Turning Millennial Optimism into Positive Impact

Net Impact rolls out the Small Steps, Big Wins Campus Challenge, an experimental campus competition that will change the way students look at…

6 Components of a Thriving Startup Ecosystem

Creating a new company is an incredibly difficult endeavor. These 6 steps will make your baby thrive.

Puma Updates Environmental Profit & Loss Statement

Releasing a profit and loss statement on the environmental and social impact of a company’s performance is a bold move. First of all,…

Allstate Cutting Paper Use Drastically, Saving Both Trees and Money

The insurance company Allstate uses a lot of paper – in 2009 it used approximately 3.7 billion sheets, equal to approximately 450,000 trees.…

Benefit Corporation Passes California Assembly, Sent to Governor

This post has been edited since it was first published Benefit Corporation, a new way form of corporate entity that purports to use business…

Tourism’s Role in Preserving the Planet

There are a million great reasons to travel. Seeing the world renews the spirit, refreshes the soul and teaches us about the way…

A Silver Lining in the Market Collapse: Social Capital

Amidst a free-falling roller coaster global economy, social capital is an encouraging bright spot. While traditional profit-driven capitalism has come into question, the…
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