Interview: Scott O’Connell, Director of Environmental Affairs, Dell

Nick Aster talks to Dell's Scott O'Connell about sustainability at Dell and their recent announcement to offer the computer industry's first ever closed…
Lego blocks

PhoneBloks Aims to Eliminate the Annual Upgrade

The idea behind Phonebloks, a phone that is made up of detachable blocks, each of which contains an upgradeable functional module, is that…
Old coolers await uncertainty

Refrigerator Recycling: A Tale of Two Fridges

More than 90% of fridges and freezers discarded each year in the U.S. are not properly recycled. This results in dangerous GHG emissions…
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Interview: Darren Beck, Dir. Environmental Initiatives, Sprint

Darren talks about the problem of lead acid batteries which are used as backup power for cell towers and date centers.
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Interview: Fared Adib, SVP Product, Sprint

The good news is that Sprint has managed to take back 40% of the phones they sell every year and is steadily improving…
ink cartridge recycling

Ink Cartridge Recycling is More Complex Than You Think

Nick Aster visits Lavergne, an HP recycling partner, in Montreal and reports on their multi-step process.
electronic circuit

There’s Gold in Them Thar Circuits

Why go running off, to dig deep underground at great environmental cost for gold, when there is plenty of it above ground, waiting…

Sprint’s Buyback Program is Impressive, But the Sky’s the Limit

Sprint has done a great job becoming greener - but their real potential for positive impact is barely tapped. Here are some ideas…

Interview: David Edmondson, CEO eRecyclingCorps

At this week’s Fortune Brainstorm Green conference, I had a chance to talk briefly with David Edmondson who is founder and CEO of…

Funding Closes on First Nationally Focused Impact Investment Fund

SJF Ventures and Citi Community Capital, Citigroup's community lending and investment group, announced the closing of SJF Ventures III LP, the first nationally…

E-Waste – Reducing Its Impact through Innovation

According to the U.S. EPA, Americans generate approximately 2.5 million tons of e-waste each year and only 25 percent of that is recycled.…

Sustainable Business Practices at Best Buy: Recycling and Upgrading

By Amanda Kidd For a company that has a fifth of the total consumer electronics market under its belt in the United States,…

Apple Will Recycle Old PCs for Free

Do you have an old desktop or notebook just lying in the house? You’re not alone – there are estimated 68 million computers…

Why Electronics Manufacturers Should Help Their Customers Recycle

This post is part of a series on Stakeholder Engagement sponsored by Jurat Software. By Mike Watson
, Director of Dell Take Back Programs…

Sprint Establishes First-in-Industry Product Stewardship Policy

Last week Sprint announced a long term plan on how the cell phone carrier will handle the handsets it sells from product design…