Farm to table

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Bouqs Wants You to Send Flowers from Farm to Table

Bouqs, based in Venice, California, promises to send flowers directly from farms in South America. The easy pricing and farm-to-table business model could…

Dissecting the Farm-to-Table Fable

To hear some farmers tell it, the farm-to-table concept doesn't work. There's too much opportunity for restaurants to build on hype, and too…
Mud Lake Farm Greenhouse

6 Factors Changing Where Your Produce is Grown

The Farm-to-table restaurant trend is just one of the factors that will affect where and when your produce is grown.
USDA extends Farm to Fly biofuel initiative

You’ve Heard About Farm-to-Table, Now Check Out ‘Farm to Fly’

USDA and FAA partner with Boeing and Airlines for America to extend the Farm to Fly aviation biofuel program with the goal of…
Farmers market bounty

Farmigo Launches Online Farmers Market

Farmigo aims to create more locavores by bringing the farmers market experience to the computer screens of those who can’t make it to…

Why Local Food is a Better Path to Job Growth than Tract Housing for Hawai’i

The argument of jobs versus the environment needs a shift. The reality is often more akin to short term jobs versus long term…

Amazon’s Green Consumer Mapping Beats Alternate Earth Day Coverage

Amazon, the nation’s largest online retailer, has broken out the environmental purchasing habits of their customers by region. Amazon tallied the annual purchases…