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According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, as much as one third of global food production goes unconsumed – most often wasted in landfill and rubbish bins – while many people go hungry. The good news is that businesses, governments and individuals are working to find ways to distribute food more efficiently, to ensure that what goes un-eaten is properly composted, and to provide improved livelihood and opportunity for people.

The articles on this page are the stories of these groups and individuals.


Reforming the Date Labeling System Will Reduce Food Waste

One key way to reduce food waste in the U.S. is through reforming the date labeling system, according to a new report by…
ugly fruits

Is There a Business Case for Selling Ugly Fruit and Vegetables?

When was the last time you bought ugly fruit or vegetables? A misshapen cucumber, a deformed carrot, or a discolored zucchini? You probably…
Resource Recovery Project

Kroger Converts Food Waste into Renewable Energy

Kroger's "anaerobic digester" in Compton, CA, takes in food waste and pumps out biogas, providing power for its campus and distribution center.
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Now is a Good Time to Hop on the Food Waste Bandwagon

New programs and new technologies are giving businesses new opportunities to turn food waste from a liability to an asset.
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Bloomberg’s New Composting Plan Could Have a Big Impact Beyond New York

Mayor Bloomberg's plan to get New Yorkers to recycle their food waste could become an important part of Bloomberg’s legacy in the city,…
Marks and Spencer, plan a, sustainability report

The World’s Most Sustainable Retailer? Marks & Spencer’s 2013 Plan A Report

The annual “Plan A” update from Marks & Spencer outlines what the company has done to mitigate its impact on society and on…
Unilever and General Mills spearhead food waste challenge

General Mills and Unilever Fight Food Waste to Fight Climate Change

General Mills and Unilever have been tapped to lead the U.S. Food Waste Challenge, a new initiative launched by the USDA and USEPA…

Kroger Uses Food Waste to Power California Distribution Center

The Kroger Co. came up with an inventive solution to prevent food that is not fit to be sold or donated from ending…

How One Activist Diverts Food Waste to Soup Kitchens

With 7 billion mouths to feed, and at least 1 billion of them empty, it’s astounding that 30 to 50 percent of food…
DoD hopes to save rare butterfly with food waste recycling

How Your Business Could Save a Butterfly with Food Waste Recycling

Food waste recycling at a military base could help save endangered butterfly, with a new project using biomass and food waste compost to…
Food waste

How Food Waste Can Be Reduced By Consumers & Food Retailers

Food waste is a big problem in developed countries, but there are ways both consumers and food retailers can reduce it.

Companies at the Intersection of Food Waste and Hunger

The private sector plays a vital role in identifying solutions to reduce waste and send resources to people who need them most.

How One Small Business Overcame Big Obstacles to Greater Sustainability

Down Home Delivery & Catering's path to sustainability provides lessons for many small business owners.

Consumer Responsibility and Food Waste

There certainly is food waste on the production and retail end, however, food wasted by consumers is also a big problem.
Food waste

UNEP Tackles the Problem of Food Waste with Think.Eat.Save. Campaign

The Think.Eat.Save campaign, launched last week by the UN Environment Program (UNEP), FAO and partners, aims to reduce food waste.