3M Forestry-Cropped

3M, ForestEthics Bury Hatchet, Save Forests

Crafted in collaboration with ForestEthics and Greenpeace, 3M's new pulp and paper sourcing policy establishes a new industry sustainability standard aimed at ensuring…
Protesters display signs outside the Sustainable Brands conference. Image courtesy ForestEthics

Corporate Activism on Display Against 3M at the Sustainable Brands Conference

At this week’s Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego, thousands of socially minded business leaders got a special taste of what the new…
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More Brands Dump Sustainable Forest Initiative’s Paper Certification Program

On Wednesday, ForestEthics announced more major brands have moved away from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) paper products certification program.
Native activism

Grassroots Activism Leads to Fracking Ban in Pristine Canadian Wilderness

The latest news involves a piece of land in British Columbia called the Sacred Headwaters. Shell had been planning to drill anywhere from…

7 More Companies Reject SFI

7 companies, including Pitney Bowes, Ruby Tuesday, Phillips Van Heusen, and US Airways are taking action to avoid the use of the SFI…

Chiquita Banana Gives Tar Sands Foes a Reason to Smile

The Chiquita banana company has positioned itself as a sustainability leader since the 1990s, and now it is stepping up its game with…
Black Friday in San Francisco

Victoria’s Secret to Greener Catalogs

If you’re receiving Victoria’s Secret catalogs there’s a good chance the paper they’re printed on will not be the part you’ll be most…

Seven Companies Stop Using SFI Certified Wood

Here’s a quick green test: What is the eco-label that generates the most controversy? If you answered SFI give yourself an A. Now…

Hey Chiquita, Dole: Isn’t the Use of Tar Sands Oil Bananas?

Have the producers of Canadian tar sands oil gone bananas? Or is it the other way around? Let me explain. Last week, banana…
"Green Grades Report Card" and Sprint scores an A. Courtesy

Sprint Scores High Marks for Ethical Paper Sourcing

The non-profit ForestEthics ranked twelve financial and communications firms after gauging how their operations—especially those pesky mailers—affected forests. Sprint scored an A.

ForestEthics Issues Scathing Review of SFI Practices

ForestEthics has never minded punching above its weight. The forest advocacy group is taking on the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and it shouldn’t…

Campaign against Sustainable Forestry Initiative Escalates

ForestEthics versus SFI. The green industry is overwhelmed by trustmarks and certification organizatons. As a result, consumers don’t know whom to believe anymore.…

Direct Mail Catalogs: Who’s Been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice?

To help you green your holiday shopping, ForestEthics has published their 3rd Annual Catalog Environmental Scorecard which ranks the eco-sympathies of some of…

ForestEthics Speaks Out on Junk Mail

Last week I reported on comments made by Pitney Bowes executive chairman, Mike Critelli, in a recent NY Times interview. Mr. Critelli believes…
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