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We need to channel our post-Brexit momentum for change into environmental action now.

Britain Still Has an Important Choice to Make

Will we see a future in which Britain turns inward and sees a down-turn in the economy, living standards and environmental improvements? Or…

Make Everything Fair Trade by Nature, Not Just by Name

To follow up World Fair Trade Day, Mark Driscoll, head of food at Forum for the Future, looks at big-picture thinking in a…
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Food Companies Sign Up for Protein Challenge 2040

The United Kingdom-based NGO Forum for the Future recently launched the Protein Challenge 2040, a coalition that aims to bring together the global…

Let’s Change the Way We Talk About Energy

Two-thirds of people say there is not very much they can do to reduce household energy bills. This lack of awareness presents a…

3 Ways Brands Can Make Sustainability Work for Them

Sally Uren, CEO of Forum for the Future, describes three key ways brands can delivers solutions to sustainability issues and create real, enduring…
Maryland families gather at the Bethesda Business Walk in 2010.

Families, Futures and All Things Sustainable

This article focuses on succession in family businesses between one generation and the next, and what the relevance of sustainability might be in…
An ambulance is swallowed by Hurricane Sandy flood waters in Hoboken, N.J. in 2012.

Climate Change: Business Must Learn to See Future Uncertainty as Opportunity

If you think it’s hard to attribute a flood, a drought or a storm to climate change, try a banking crisis, a social…

New Partnership Aims to Put a Hero In Every Teapot

A new Forum for the Future initiative forms partnership with major tea companies for developing sustainable tea as a "hero crop" with a…

Book Review: Jonathon Porritt Sends Us Postcards from 2050

Jonathon Porritt's new book ‘The World We Made’ provides us a detailed look not just into what the world could look in 2050,…
handshake  behind a corporative building.Great for any design.

Reinvention Comes Through Collaboration

To achieve net positive goals, businesses must collaborate and share their expertise, says Ian Cheshire, the Group Chief Executive of Kingfisher.

Nike Launches a Free Materials App, Continues Innovative Trend

Nike's new app is not just a valuable sustainability working tool for designers but also an interesting milestone in Nike’s journey from open…

We Consumers Talk Green, but We Buy Brown

We've moved from Nanny State to Nanny Corp. Now, it's time consumers shouldered their responsibility, argues the Founder-Director of Forum for the Future.
measuring trust

Measuring Trust at the Corporate Level

Trust Across America has led an ambitious effort to describe what is causing trust to break down and how to rebuild it. This…

Can Collaborations Help Change Consumer Behavior?

Collaborating and partnering for change is one of the main trends in the green business space. Here are some insights on how to…
marks and spencer

5 Lessons from Marks and Spencer on the Business Case for Sustainability

M&S’s new progress report shows the right way to make the business case for sustainability. Although the business case is mostly about the…